GamesonSmash: New FFXIV Beta Video

Games on Smash: Here is an official XIV beta video just released from Square showing the Miqo’te character creation process:

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N4GAddict3108d ago

I can't wait to try 14 out on my PS3.

Shang-Long3108d ago

im glad you guys are excited for it.
im still waiting on my FF game i can get excited for FFvs13


What's up with those guys...

About the game, is looking good.

siliticx3108d ago

But somehow, the more we see from this game, the less interesting it gets. its yet another mmo, nothing so amazing about it.

Games like the new Blizzard mmo and Blade & Soul, now that looks awesome.

rexus123453107d ago

What are you talking about? Blizzard has released zero info about their new MMO, so it can't possibly "look" awesome.

Wolfmoonstrike3108d ago

I hope they add in more options for the final game also I was hoping to see some of the new beta battle system (since he alpha system was only a place holder). Well only time will tell how this MMO turns out.


Blade and soul does look pretty sweet ^^. If FFXIV isn't what I'm hoping for then I was going to try out Blade N soul when its available.

Chapulin3108d ago

can't wait to be a Black Mage Level 75.

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The story is too old to be commented.