Jessica Chobot Co-Hosting AOTS with E3 2010 Preview

G4TV writes: "Get ready to give a warm welcome to Jessica Chobot who will be joining Kevin Pereira as a special co-host on tonight's Attack of the Show! She'll also be hanging with Chris Hardwick on Gadget Pr0n to review the Samsung HT-C6500 home theater system."

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xtremeimport3108d ago

munn is sexy and all, but I get the sense that she is moving away from G4 and isnt/never was really into the whole video game/electionics thing, video games mostly.. Its only a matter of time before she leaves, unless she is smart and realizes that she should stay because where els would she go? people leave these kinds of jobs hoping to improve their career all the time, only to just get nothing out of it.

but man, she is sexy.

astar1234567893108d ago

munn has a new tv show on nbc coming very soon i think if its a big hit she will leave and as for jess chobot she is so sexy i like her more the then munn