Playstation Home At E3

Although Home hasn't exactly lived up to it's expectations, it's still a great idea and has tons of potential. See what Sony has to announce to push Home to it's limits.

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Coolmanrico3110d ago

My brother is addictive to Home, he's on it all day.

UnwanteDreamz3109d ago

I like how we got like 15 commenters on this article (if you can call it that) and no one has approved it.

knightdarkbox3109d ago

Lol home is pretty boring, after awhile I get sick of creeps following me around saying weird stuff -.- but yeah it's still improving isn't it? they should include more games or something in it...but it's boring me now =(

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

If HOME is at E3 then their must be some major announcement. I hope it is a good one!

rezzah3108d ago

lol Home is pretty cool, but I only go there to check out the new stuff. Not to chat to people. Really weird way to make friends on there and talk to them everyday or something. Also its prety funny to see "couples" on there. Ha. Better hope your bro doesnt find himself a hot girl (man) on there =p

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NYC_Gamer3110d ago

i hope sony adds back the voice chat...

pixelsword3109d ago

When racists and pervs stop coming on home, they will...

...which means they will when they can find a way to filter the racists and pervs.

Fragger2k83109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

What they need is a bunch of moderators, even if they're just people chosen from the community. They wouldn't have to pay anyone a dime, and it would help keep the place clean.

This is something that works extremely well in RuneScape and FunOrb, and could apply well in a social environment like Home. Yes, you will get your occasional 'rouge' moderator, but it's not like any damage will be done. Plus, not just anyone would be able to become a moderator, there would have to be some sort of process in place for choosing them.

This would give us:
- A lot less people acting like pervs
- Voice chat for all, in some way
- A kinder and cleaner community
- More people coming in

Which would lead to:
- better updates
- more/better spaces
- More games

Sadly, I doubt anything like this will happen..

Lykon3108d ago

why dont they just have a voice ignore feature...home is supposed to be a service for over 16's, i really do not see the need to moderate so heavily. adult humour can sometimes be misunderstood and sometimes people fight verbally as in real life, no one is going to die. So called 'pervs' are often just young guys with too much testosterone who are new to on line communities. All sorts of experimentation with gender and flirting goes on in anonymous situations it does not mean people are 'perves'.

It depends what you are looking for, it is easy to find people to chat about gaming and go off into a multiplayer it's also easy to find people to chat trash with.

Rascism is probably the worst thing I've encountered, especially on EU home against people from KSA (arabs), but on the whole I hope we can all chill out a bit and not take things too personally.

JBit923110d ago

Voice chat would make the game better IF done right. Otherwise expect a bunch of spam and not a lot of communicating.

Godmars2903110d ago

1) Home isn't a game, its an online community platform.
2) If open voice chat wasn't lost because of bandwidth issues, Home would likely have the same rep as XBL with foul mouthed racist 10 year olds. Not to mention guys with girl avatars they use to lure in other guys desperate to meet girls who knows that the person they're "talking" to isn't a girl.

Redempteur3109d ago

you forgot people spamming weird sounds and music with their mics in every public space ...

pixelsword3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

@ redempteur:

yeah, the last day of home's voice chat sounded something like...

oguzsasi3109d ago

Its the future of Myspace - Skype and MSN MESSENGER!

Its a social networking software! Not a game!

Nitrowolf23110d ago

i think voice chat should have a zone reach for each character, meaning you can't go off and run around and talk and everyone can hear you. i havn't been in home for a while, but isn't there an option to send calls and chat?
idk they should just have it so you can go up to people and send a chat invite

jack_burt0n3110d ago

you can call ppl and if u have a personal space voice is activated for everyone.

voice chat was just kids running around screaming you will never see that feature again.

Nitrowolf23110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

yeah then i think they should have it as a certain lengh it can go meaning if your far from them you can't hear them or just rather then call have a simple quick chat invite anywhere and they have to accept or deny it and it can be done in groups

idk they need to resolve that some how

That's actually a feature i want to see in some games like shooters, i mean that kind helps enforce team work.

That would have been sweet to have in M.A.G. as a penalty to those who don't serve there team and try to run off alone

JBit923109d ago

I agree with Nitrowolf. If done right it would add a ton to Home. Without it, it just seems to be lacking something.

On a side note, remember to Approve this thread if you think its good lol. There are a ton of comments, but only one approval :P

Pennywise3109d ago

I stopped going to home when they took out voice chat. There were better ways to handle it rather than removing it.

Redempteur3109d ago

problem is ...getting spammed by voice chat invites isn't great either ..

jack_burt0n3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

avatar intergration should have been day 1 feature its true.

yep would have given ppl unique avatars and a reason to even use home.

Nitrowolf23110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

explain this me, like show on your Profile card?
i was thinking those premuim avatar but yes i want that in our user profile
i don't want it mandatory just optional to have

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