Rookie Sensation Strasburg Debuts in MLB 2K10 with an 87 Rating

Kotaku writes: "Stephen Strasburg could be appearing on your video game console as soon as midnight, and when he does, he'll be the 15th-best starting pitcher in all of MLB 2K10 - just seven innings into his career.

2K Sports told Kotaku this afternoon that Strasburg, the Washington Nationals phenom who fanned 14 Pittsburgh Pirates in an appointment-television debut on Tuesday night, will be in the game's next roster update, and it may be available as soon as midnight tonight, U.S. Pacific Time."

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jaredhart3109d ago

Hes worth at least a 90.

Another One3109d ago

No kidding. Dude was a monster last night. Averaged 2 out of every three outs in an inning were strikouts. That's insane.

Cyrus3653109d ago

90? relax it was his first game, against pratically a minor league team (Pirates).

Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Another One3109d ago

True it was just one game, but to say "Oh it's just the Pirates" doesn't make any sense. Those are still Major League hitters. Even they beat up on bad pitching and some of the best pitchers in the game haven't had games like that against them this season.

The_Zeitgeist3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

@Cyrus (love the name)

Even if its against the Pirates that does nothing to diminish the 14 strike outs in a row. That is phenomenal. Those kind of numbers he had are amazing no matter if its his first game or 300th game.

I gave you bubbles though for having a cool name and pic. And for stimulating some decent conversation with a debatable point.

Cyrus3653109d ago


Impressive, no doubt about it, but he doesn't even hold the record, that's 15 strikes out, and by 2 guys, do anyone know who? And what kind of career they went on to have?

I'm just stating it's just 1 game, against subpar team, if he did that against the yankees or tampa bay or something, that's one thing...Pirates are at the other end of the spectrum.

Another One3109d ago

Actually it wasn't 14 in a row. It was 14 in 7 innings with no walk (7 strikeouts in a row to finish up). Something like only 6 people have done that since 1900. That's what's impressive. No matter what team it came against.

The_Zeitgeist3109d ago

Then it was 11 in a row. I remember watching sportscenter and they were going off about it.

Another One3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Hmmm I remember 7 in a row to finish off. I'll have to go check.

Second paragraph. Says he struck out the last 7 he faced, which would make 11 in a row impossible. Either way, it's impressive stuff. Article also lists some of the records and impressive things about the performance.