Spanish Court Likens File Sharing to Book Lending

The provincial court of Madrid has concluded that popular file sharing site,, did not " transfer or host any copyrighted works" and therefore did not violate any laws. This ruling falls in line with other cases in Spain involving file sharing, to the chagrin of police and organizations like the EGEDA and Columbia Tristar.

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dizzleK3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

yea, if you're lending a book to a million people. and i believe libraries, blockbuster and the like pay for the right to be lenders. look at the fine print in books "....may not be transmitted or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher". alot of videos say "not for rental or public broadcast". it's pretty open and shut. yes, i obviously know more than a kangaroo court in a 2nd world country.

and people wonder why these countries stagnate, who would do business there when their laws make no sense. what's the last product, creative work, technology or innovation that has come out of spain? *crickets*

GodsHand3110d ago

Happens here in the States, I remember a teacher giving us copies of a book she made from the main office copier machine.