Sony Shows Its Faith In 3D

Kotaku writes: "The people behind the PlayStation have been proudly promoting their 3D wares throughout the year, but today at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, Sony brought some of its biggest guns as executives presented its latest technology push.

Top Sony executives Sir Howard Stringer (CEO and President), Stan Glasgow, (Chief Operating Officer), Michael Fasulo, Executive Vice President, (Chief Marketing Officer) and Jack Tretton (President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America) all slipped on 3D glasses as they watched presentations from ESPN, the Discovery Channel and Sony's own internal divisions."

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frankymv3108d ago

Sony is doing a great job marketing the tech.

N4GAddict3108d ago

The teasers were great.

zeeshan3108d ago

That's a Sony onslaught when it comes to pushing 3D tech. It's too expensive for me to switch over though.

Couldn't all this have waited till E3? I mean E3 is less than a week from now and I really don't understand why are SONY showcasing everything from softwares to hardware? I mean, watup!?

Krugsy3108d ago

Because 3DTV is being targeted at mainstream consumers not just gamers. Why wait for E3 to show off 3DTV when many adopters wont even be aware of or care for, E3. Especially with the World Cup being televised in 3D, Sony would want to capitalise on that early, rather than waiting.

Christopher3108d ago

Nah. Focus at E3 will be Gaming-related 3D tech, not TVs and compatible 3D blu-ray players.

boodybandit3108d ago

I will have one by the end of the Summer if not sooner.

I recently set up one of my main rooms for it's arrival. All the wiring is already done and currently I am using a Samsung 950 52". That is a sexy display but it is going to be replaced by a 55" 3D display as soon as I determine which one will suit my needs best.

Direct TV just updated their receivers this week for 3D. It is coming sooner than people think.

sickbird3108d ago

must be nice to be able to spend that much on a tv, my gf would cut my balls off if i came home with a $2000 to $5000 tv.

boodybandit3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

and she has learned a long time ago that feeding my addiction pays off for her as well. There are worse hobbies or things to spend money on. Besides she like watching her favorite shows and programs on my hand me downs. :)

Ironically enough I am online right now researching an upgrade for my center channel to go with my new gaming room. I want to get an active center channel (built in powered sub in the same enclosure). The addiction grows stronger!

Also my wife just got a brand new car so she will be even more forgiven of my purchases the next couple months. At least I hope that is how it will play out. You never know she might get in that shiny new car and drive away! ;)

N4GAddict3108d ago

I have to buy a new 3DTV soon.

RatFuker3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

well ya know ima see if uh theeeyuh teevees go down anytime soon ya no. them ill get one till then pfft caant me out. playbeyond.

zoks3103108d ago

They are really serious about 3d, and it makes perfect sense. I honestly believe that Sony can corner a good portion of the home 3d market before any major competitor get too far, the PS3 will only help them in that endeavor.

3108d ago
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