Stephen Strasburg not in NCAA 2011 Demo, but 8 Teams are

Three of the four demo matchups have been announced. Wired Fans talks about who they want for the 4th matchup on NCAA 11.

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johnbknight3108d ago

Strasburg is pretty amazing...

cain1413108d ago

There are three things I'm excited about right now.

E3, NCAA 11 and Stephen Strasburg. Damn he looked good last week.

Back on topic. I can't wait to see this demo.

johnbknight3108d ago

How about Stephen Strasburg playing NCAA 11 at E3, that would be the best of all worlds... But yeah NCAA 11 looks to be awesome...

BetaChris3108d ago

Special guest appearance (and possible signing)? That would be EPIC.

cain1413108d ago

Would make no sense... Save that for MLB the Show in 3d with him on the cover...

bobrea3108d ago

Yea! Let's put a guy with one career start on the cover of a baseball game. Great idea. Not to mention that the Pirates have struck out 10 times in a game multiple times this year. His numbers will be inflated as long as he's in the weak hittin gNL. Just look at Roy Halladay. Anyone Strassburg is going to be great, just not the messiah that people make him out to be.

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Clumzyagent3108d ago

What if they put Strasburg in NCAA 11...

johnbknight3108d ago

Not sure how to do that, but that would be hilarious and yet awesome...

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