E3 2010: GameSpy's Predictions

This year's E3 Expo -- the biggest annual videogame trade show in the U.S. -- is almost here. Starting next week, GameSpy will be on site, reporting on all the announcements, offering their impressions on some of the biggest games, and chronicling all the craziness that E3 entails. But to get the ball rolling, here are some crack E3 predictions from GameSpy's editorial staff.

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N4GAddict3109d ago

I hope they are right for Move and Natal

Christopher3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm not sure what good there is in hoping they suck, since it's not likely to mean either company won't continue forward regardless of how much they might suck. I'd rather they both turn out as successful as possible.

I also kind of question how they can say Move will have restrictive demoing when practically everyone has already had chances to openly play many of the games being developed for it as well as the next SOCOM.

Anyway, I can completely relate to the dislike towards Sony and Microsoft for the huge focus placed on motion gaming as a whole and hope they both bring their AAA game to the show when it comes to mentioning new titles and big sequels we all want to play.

Another One3109d ago

Pretty good article. That last line was hilarious.