'Leaked' videos hint at possible E3 PlayStation 4 announcement

Sony execs have been quoted for years as saying the PlayStation 3 will have a 10-year life cycle (as opposed to the standard five-year cycle of previous console generations), so we weren't expecting to see so much as a hint about a successor system at next week's E3. Assuming two videos "leaked" by YouTube user SCElabs are legit, however, we may see the first rumblings of the next console generation at the show after all. And they certainly look legit, with high production values, a look and feel consistent with Sony's usual weird-ass PlayStation marketing, and clear, conspicuous Sony branding.

UPDATE: Turns out the videos are fake after all. Speaking with Game Informer, Sony rep Al de Leon confirmed that "this video is not from SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment]." While that's a little disappointing, it leaves a larger question: who'd go to the trouble to produce a convincingly slick-looking pair of videos as a prank?

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LordMarius3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

It will be really disappointing if this is true

maybe the PS3 will be proclaim as the PS4(like the article says), since usually by now new consoles are introduce and its getting 3D with PSN+ and Move

Edit: From Kotaku:
the "PS4" isn't meant literally. Sony won't be unveiling a new console at E3. These are instead most likely ads for the PS3's new 3D capability, with the "PS4" bit perhaps a reference to how futuristic it makes gaming; as in, 3D gaming is so good it'll feel like a new console.

dangert123112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

its not try sony are still trying to make back ps3 money theres no chance in hell there going to annouce this plus the ps3 has not even tapped its potential game wise or application wise its kind off naked it looks like an ad to promote 3d for the ps3 with ps4 at the end lol

-Alpha3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

It most likely is not a PS4, that's just asinine. Who knows, the ending could have been edited in. Where is the SONY logo? Where are all the copyright crap you usually see anyway? Could have easily been edited in.

And Kotaku's explanation seems dumb. It's a bad move to start advertising that the PS3 is so futuristic that it's the PS4. That's just too confusing. I mean, if that's what Sony wanted to do they wouldn't even logically call it PS4, they'd at least trademark PS3D or something like that.

The trailer was freaking amazing. My heart is pumping after seeing that. Pretty damn good trailer, 3D is obviously going to be pushed hard and you can see how appealing it will be to the wider audience. It's all effective to pushing the realism of gaming and though it may seem gimmicky I am willing to give Sony the chance to push it. God, that trailer really was creepy.

Celeras3112d ago

Lol, so fake. Two words: Nintendo Revolution.

Bobbykotickrulesz3112d ago

Is it real!?

Who knows?! Only time will tell euhauehauha!

JasonXE3112d ago

Blaze says the same thing below yet he get's slammed with disagrees. You say it's a confusing thing for sony to market and you're a genius. wtffff

liveActionLeveler3112d ago

at the very end of the video the bottom of the screen says v4.0.

wxer3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

cant you guys see ?
its not to promote something, sometimes big co-optations do advertise stuff but not to promote them, they do it to send a massage to everyone
that they are still in the picture and still in the game

this is to prove that the Play station brand well live to reach its 4th installment

wiggles3112d ago

Good spot with there not being any copyright crap....This has definitely been edited to include the 4

ofx3603112d ago

First, let me is up with that sh*t....

Next, it kinda seems plausible. I mean, they have been leaking EVERYTHING so maybe they were just doing it to make way for a PS4 announcement for then they'll talk more about it at TGS. Release more info next years at GDC and E3. Then BAM, PS4 in the fall/winter.

Or maybe the OS reboot that they're gonna do is so drastic that they are gonna change the name!

idk, im just riff'n here.

shadow27973112d ago

Apparently it's a Japanese ad for a reason. It says "PS4: Now Testing", which means exactly how it sounds. The 3D for PS3 is a test for what the PS4 could be like. Basically they're saying the PS3's 3D is a glimpse at the future.

As for the ambiguity, it's viral marketing, it's supposed to get people talking about it. And it's worked. Sony isn't announcing a PS4, not this year, anyway.

yess3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

What if they made a PS4 with better specs. Grahics,ram etc...
Lower the price way down on the PS3, and have the PS4 running on side.

So games would be made for the PS3, but you have the option to have better performance on the PS4, like the way it is with computers.

I know it sounds crazy, but it could be posibly to have 2 consols.
One with low specs and one with high specs.Casuals vs hardcore custumers.
It's pure speculation from my side, so take it easy;-)

Edit: I just noticed that the game in the add is MW2, thats fishy...

Game on

jjacinto233112d ago

PS4 is only PS3 version 4.0 get it........... i get it did you?

kunit22c3112d ago

First off, it looks like 3D MW2 is true...
Second, i'm pretty sure the PS4 part was edited in there because, why would they put MW2 onto the PS4?
I really think that was edited in there by whoever found the video, because it just wouldn't be a smart move, and if ti is real, its just a video to announce the PS4 and it probably wont be out for a long time.

ELite_Ghost3112d ago

its not real lol
you can see the mw2 menu at the end!

ichimaru3112d ago

It hasn't tapped its potential? Good sir its mid 2010, if potential hasn't been achieved by this point its a lossed cause. The ps3 has much more to show, annd i Agree thst sony still has a ton of money to be made, but we are may be looking at a mid life cycle for all consoles at present

LoVeRSaMa3112d ago

Its fake, anyone with an ounce of sense would know.

Stupid people are stupid.

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RageAgainstTheMShine3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Those who haven't watched The Ring will have a hard time understanding these ads.

In the movie Sadako comes out of the television screen to frighten her victims to their death.

jack_burt0n3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

No doesn't make sense even releasing a new model ps3 with the camera intergrated with a move controller etc etc commercially its just too confusing imo

Unless MS really is ditching the 360 and releasing the Wave as a backwards compatible new console. If the sony spies have clocked that then yes they will release a new machine called the ps4. But that would just be frigging weird.

And a fucking GIGATON.

I think it will be a new sku to counter MS. Its a ps3 running 4.0 but they wouldn't use PS4 just for that.

Blaze9293112d ago

If this is Sony's way to say 3D gaming is so far into the future that it's like PS4 then that's a big mistake on their part. If this blows up and people actually believe PS4 is coming they will hold off on buying PS3s or try to return the one(s) they just bought.

Other than that I'm not sure what they are trying to pull here.

AridSpider3112d ago

...why are you getting slammed with disagrees for that comment? You're completely right. This is a similar problem to why Apple wanted their iPhone 4 back immediately. If word gets out and people start to think PS4 is on it's way then they will hold off on buying a PS3.

Unless we are missing something here? Is this a fake trailer or something? Please explain as we're clearly missing the point.

JasonXE3112d ago

people just dislike Blaze. Doesn't matter if he actually makes sense - he likes his Xbox 360

ProA0073112d ago

Yeah if this is there way of saying how futuristic the PS3 is then that's bad marketing.

FragMnTagM3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Or you will have no bubbles and a massive amount of disagrees no matter how much sense your post makes or even it is completely non-fanboyish.

gta28003112d ago

I find it funny how all of you guys are trying to act like victims. There's a ton of people here who prefer their xbox over the PS3 and still have their 3 bubbles. The ones who have one bubble or get disagrees even when they make sense are the ones who troll articles. In Blaze's case I assume he gets disagrees because he tries to act like he's neutral in this fan boy war but he always seems to "casually" bash the PS3. He tries to do in a way that makes him seem unbias but I know he dislikes the PS3 although he owns one. Just look at most of his comments regarding the PS3. He always seems to downplay anything PS3 related. As a matter of fact. I've never seen him say anything positive about PS3 or even Sony in general. I don't do the random disagrees but that's just my assumption from what I've seen.

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AAACE53112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

If either company announced a new home console at this years E3, I would be shocked! They have done such a good job keeping us occupied with future games and features, I don't think anyone would be expecting a new console announcement.

The only 2 related topics I can think of is the 360 slim and the Psp 2. But those could have been rumors as well.

With so many rumors, I can't wait til E3 to see how much is true! Haven't been this excited for the game industry in a while.

EDIT: After further review, it is an ad for the upcoming 3D features of the Ps3! He was Playing modern warfare 2. They wouldn't use an old game to promote a new console. It still uses the Playstation sound at the end of the vid. With new consoles they change the ending to be different than what we are used to. He had sunglasses on and started reaching out to the tv. Typical for a 3D experience.

I think someone just switched the logo at the end of the video!

morganfell3112d ago

Did no one look at the game the "tester" was playing? MW2? Do you really think they would not have used a Sony owned product such as KZ3 for a PS4 announcement?

SOAD3112d ago

I would have assumed they would have used a PS3 exclusive for any PS commercial.

mastiffchild3112d ago

Looks to me much more like sony have asked people to pitch ideas for a future console/3D app and someone made these for the job to me. It's common for companies to approach a few teams for ideas these days(or even their existing marketing people/Ad company to do sosowho's tosay there aren't a few of these things knocking about-maybe for morethan just Sony?

Also, you can't rule out the chance of a slick fake but, as people have said, why use MW2 and not,say KZ3 footage/screens? even as a proper viral that they may never own up to you'd think a Sony game would be used, no? Certainly, if this was a finished trailer you would anyway. We shall see but a new PS4 at E3 2010? Don't see it myself and even if it is there I wouldn't expect it to launch for a good, long while in any case.

lightningsax3112d ago

Yes. What Mastiff said. That's right on the mark. See my other comment below and the linked article.

qface643112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

N4G is suckerpalooza come on ps4 really? can't believe some of you guys are being fooled
if they showed this 2years from now then id believe it myself but come on now


Why do you always comment first on every article? you flippin live off of this site You know that.

goodfellas273112d ago

I think is just that the 3D will come to PS4 and the PS3 is the testing grounds. Just like PSPGo is testing the water with the digital market. These system will dictate what the PS4 and PSP2 will have at their core

Gray-Fox3112d ago

Wait.... why would a PS4 be playing a PS3 game in an advertisement?...

Darkstorn3112d ago

Sony's smart enough to realize that it's too soon to announce a new console. I think it's far more likely for Microsoft to take that road; after all, they've got the outdated hardware.

This simply will not happen.


Both Consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3 have outdated Hardware, excluding the Blu ray.

But PS3 have superior performance and Hardware, even if this is outdated.

zaz123112d ago

It is NOT too early for a ps4 , technology is moving fast and sony has to move with it. PS3 is not good enough for real 3d gaming, even GTX 260 PC's gpus do not support real 3d.

I_need_more_bubs3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Let me explain what i was saying the "Wave" is going to essentially be a 360 in a new shell without the bad rep that the 360 has picked up it will still play the games and the games will still be backwards compatible with the 360 its like a new console but essentially natal and a 360 merged. That is supposedly their megaton for sunday.

If that is true it will appear they are coming to market first, Sony will take a ps3 rebrand it a PS4 keep all the internals the same but go 40nm accross the board package it with move and launch it like a new system to new consumers just like microsoft.

This is the .5 generation that ppl talk about no new hardware just rebranding and motion controls

If thats not the case thats the worst viral marketing i have ever seen.

Imperator3112d ago

I don't think a PS4 is plausible at this point. A new console would cost Sony too much... and re-wrapping the PS3 as the PS4 is not good either... I don't know. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

CellularDivision3112d ago

LOL its obviously an ad for 3D gaming. A bit early for PS4, dont you think?

Focker4203112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

The original post is exactly right. (gives bubble) Its not a PS4 literally. The launch of 3D capabilities is like you're getting an entirely new console. There is no way they'd announce a PS4 right now because the PS3 is on fire. (in a good way) Plus at the end it says "PS4... Now Testing" Which means the 3D, and possibly Move and PSN+, is like a beta phase for the PS4. At least thats what I got from watching that. Their main focus is on 3D though (obviously)

Edit: I thought it was a great video, and it even got my heart racing a little bit.


it is an ad for ps3 3d the add clearly shows MODERN WARFRE 2 which i assume is not on ps4 as other have said its for the 4.00 3D firmware jap adds our just different from ours and i think the ps4 bit has been added in

Nihilism3112d ago

"perhaps a reference to how futuristic it makes gaming; as in, 3D gaming is so good it'll feel like a new console. "

Wow mariah, you get more pathetic as the days go by...I thought you threw in the blind fanboy towel, I guess I was wrong

PS4 ftw!!!

Christopher3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

This is a 3D gaming commercial, not a PS4 commercial. Looks like someone just threw the PS4 there at the end, IMHO.

Allelujah003112d ago

Seriously. Modern Warfare 2 on the PS4 as their launch video is just retarted. Sony has a long ways to go with the PS3 before the PS4 is announced

deafwing3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

... this is something that Sony has been particularly good at. The recent ads with Kevin Butler is perhaps the only exception.

As for calling PS3 -> PS4 after implementing 3D (and PSN -> PSN+) ... I'm not so sure ... the gaming market has always identified a number at the end of a console name with brand new hardware ... it's a bold move in the least by Sony if this is legit.

DeadlyFire3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

PS4 Now Testing. Could very simply be a teaser that yes PS4 is coming. Sony is altering their plan by not announcing PS4 at E3 2010. Unless this or something like this is shown with PS4 teased. I am very certain that two new consoles will be at E3 2011 maybe 3 or 4. Apple TV yes I am looking at you. 2010 was date for new Xbox set by Microsoft. Sony was aiming for 2011 launch. Now with motion crap launch and all of that plans have changed for both companies. Microsoft aiming for 2011/2012 as well as Sony likely aiming for 2011/2012. Nintendo is set for 2011/2012. Apple TV is most likely 2011/2012. Either or. It is 99 percent likely that these companies are aiming for a big bang at E3 2011. What better why to amp up the hype then with a teaser at E3 2010? Sony typically shows or announces something regarding their next console on the eve of the 5/10 year mark. 2010 is on the eve of that. PS2 stops production in 2011.

InFAMOUS13112d ago

There is no way this is the PS4.. Why on earth would Sony put MW2 in their commercial.. They would have to pay licencing fees to Activision. They would simply use KZ3 or UC2 or some other 1st party title that they already own the IP rights too.. This is just silly.

DreamTension3112d ago

But MW2 is very recognizable to the 360 crowd. If the rumors are true about MW2 going 3D for the PS3, wouldn't it be smart for Sony to use it to promote 3D on the PS3? UC2 and KZ2(3) are great games, but they aren't enough to sway 360 only owners to get a PS3...or else they already would have. Think about the millions of MW2 fans that only own a 360...wouldn't being able to play it 3D make you want a PS3 real bad...

Same reason they probably used the cheap 3D glasses rather than the kind you get with a Sony 3D TV, it's much more recognizable to the general public.

nickjkl3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

ichimaru this comes to mind

"We don't provide the 'easy to program for' console that (developers) want, because 'easy to program for' means that anybody will be able to take advantage of pretty much what the hardware can do, so then the question is, what do you do for the rest of the nine-and-a-half years?"

--Kaz Hirai, CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment

and then read the comments on this page the 360 fanboys gunned the ps3 so hard

lightningsax3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Did anyone mention this yet?

Let's look at this from a business-y perspective.

Start out with this: this video cannot be a "fake." The quality of the cameras, cinematography, accessibility to many age groups by representing most stuff without supporting text, extensibility to different countries because of the light text and lack of syncing dialogue to images of someone speaking the dialogue (just splice in a different language and you're fine!), presence of real actors, real editing... if someone were to "fake" this, they would have cost themselves so much money and time over nothing. That doesn't add up. There has to be some organization that allowed this much money and time to be put forward. That, or some weird rich kid bought time at a studio, brought in the props, knew actors, crafted CG, brought in editors, cameramen, sound guys, lighting guys... no way. You can do some great things on your own with a computer these days, but not that.

In my discussion there, I mentioned that even though Sony says it isn't "from Sony," that doesn't mean it isn't a perfectly valid teaser advertisement. It could have been leaked from an advertising agency submitting an advertisement pilot proposal to Sony, or leaked from Sony when evaluating the proposal.

This means it may not be time to release the ad just yet. Maybe you'll see something similar, or a competing ad agency's ad that wasn't leaked, possibly at TGS. This could mean that everything including the name of the system could change in that period of time.

...edit. Okay. You could take an unknown video from something that looked like an ad for a 3D console, make a few changes, and then splice in the ending PS4 stuff, I guess. But still. No.

BABY-JEDI3112d ago

Sony have got it all. PS4 will be a ramped up version of the PS3 & why not. The Market model of the PS3 is perfect, if not future proof. Look at what we'r getting now& what we will be getting in the future. Sony = Genius

vhero3112d ago

Did you notice though if you look very closely at 0:41 seconds the 3D game is Modern Warfare 2.. The PS4 thing is BS but does this mean we are going to see Modern Warfare in 3D for PS3??

catguykyou3112d ago

Why would it be disappointing? PS2 has been supported for 10 years since its release like they said they would (10 year life span isn't new with the PS3) and the PS3 was announced 5 years after the PS2. Same as the PS1. Following trend, PS4 should be announced either this year or next. Unless they are in fact going for that whole re branding thing.

beardpapa3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I doubt it's a PS4 announcement.

1) Too early
2) I recall a PS9 commercial a long time ago.
3) The Kevin Butler commercials are funny. Why go back to these strange commercials again?

catguykyou3112d ago

1) see comment above
2)Yeah, the PS9 commercial was just a weird PS2 commercial...these are weird PS4 commercials. At the end of them they stated, it starts here: PS2.
3)They are some of the best ads out there. That hasn't stopped Sony from going crazy weird with their ads before. Same thing happened with PS1 to PS2 and from PS2 to PS3.

-Sony has always said to have a 10 year life cycle for their systems. Nothing has changed. They will support it for 10+ years. Doesn't mean they wont announce/launch a new console in that time frame. It has been 5 years since the PS3 came out. I know a ton of people are just now getting them because of the pricing but that doesn't mean it is too soon.

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Arnon3112d ago

Just saw this as well. Interesting if it's true. Disappointing as well.

playstation_clan3112d ago

E2, N4g fail right there. but ps2 is still alive, come on, 10 year life-cycle baby,

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

3D on MW2 Confirmed.

The v4 is the new Firmware Version 4.

And PS4 probably another thing that is not PlayStation 4.

¿And where is the Trademark? ¿Or Computer Entertainment System? That is the most important thing when something Official is coming from Sony.

NovusTerminus3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

It might be in "Testing" but we might not see it for another 2 or 3 years. That said I think it might be disappointing as well.

jay23112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Well, well, well. Could this be.......Nah, but wait, look what we've seen that should come at E3, erm.... PSP2 and PS4? nah, one.... just... maybe..... PSP 2 IS coming.. but PS4. I need to lay off the drink. Good night.

EDIT: with those videos in Jap, could this be for TGS?

8thnightvolley3112d ago

damn i wish that was real... my head would blow... lol. intrestin vid thou..