5 Traits of A Great RPG

JaeKuro from GamesOnSmash writes, "...Taking in consideration the constant arguing back and forth between the WRPGs (such as Mass Effect) and the JRPGs (the Final Fantasy Series), one has to wonder…what makes a good RPG a great one.
So what do you think are the top five things that HAVE to be included in a RPG to make a GOTY quality?"

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8thnightvolley3107d ago

a nice list of traits there.. gd read... and would like devs to make sure that they follow such paths..

now r days many games are merging with other genres like a shooter with rpg elements even gears3 is now having a hint of rpg leveling and custom characters. should be really intresting to see what the future holds

joystick5553107d ago

oblivion hits all of these marks and then some

Nike3107d ago

Very generalized list. Could be good as a starter for what basically makes an RPG, but as I said in another post, RPGs are going beyond all this. They're becoming more about games that let you assume a character's role as seamlessly as possible, and various methods, systems and gameplay innovations are done to achieve this.

That's why Mass Effect 2, despite being stripped of a lot of ME's RPG elements and being imbued with tons of action - or Kingdom Hearts 2, with it's de-emphasis on platforming and puzzles, and a heavy dose of action - are still considered role playing games. Great role playing games, in fact.

Finally, I disagree heavily with the ends this article means to prove. If an RPG isn't Game of the Year, that doesn't mean it's not tons of fun, memorable or amazing.