Ten E3 Dreams One Gamer Wants to Come True

E3 is only days away. If you're a gamer like News10 Game Guy Kevin Durawa, you're getting butterflies in your stomach from the excitement like it's Christmas Eve. Here are ten E3 dreams that he wishes would come true.

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The Tingler2987d ago

You had me until you said "Battlefront 3 PS3: Star Wars Battlefront was one of the most popular games on the PS2". Um, it was vastly better and more popular on Xbox with Xbox Live, and it was on PC too. PS2 never really took off online, and while PS3 is enormously better in that regard and would be great to see a Battlefront 3, it will never be PS3-only.

Evil_Ghosty2987d ago

Actually I think socom showed that ps2 online did really well.

Pumbli2987d ago

Depends on what you mean by popular, the PS2 version outsold the Xbox version by a huge margin.

Though I agree that the Xbox version was the better version of the two, I think the PC version was the best version of the game overall.

Mods ftw!

Quagmire2987d ago

These are MY 10 dreams for E3:

RedPawn2987d ago

Dude, your gonna get Herpes someday, someday.

tehReaper2987d ago

Have a bubble for making me laugh.

barakiu2987d ago

"Nintendo's finale won't be cut-and-dry and disappointing like the last two years presentations"

yeah, like Metroid: Other M didn't have me convulsing in my bed, the biggest reaction I had to any reveal at E3 2009.

MetalFreakMike2987d ago

I want a long list of HD remakes for PS2 games
PS2 backwards compatibility announcement for all PS3's
Cross game chat announcement
Secret games that have been hidden from the public to be announced
Release date for PSN premium
XMB optimizations while using in-game XMB

Also from Microsoft, I want more first party games
Another Conker game
Another Perfect Dark game that is like the first one and not like Zero
Either cheaper price for Live or free Live for all
Blu-ray drive add-on so everyone can finally enjoy Blu-ray movies

From Nintendo, I want.........well more Zelda and Metroid games
Sell their classic games at a cheaper price
Bring Earthbound to their online store
Make a Earthbound Wii game
Make another Smash Bros game and try to fit as many fighters in there as they can

There is more but I can not think of it right now.

Quagmire2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

So many wants and needs, so little the desire for others to fullfil it