Poets of the Fall Present "War" - Music Video Featuring Alan Wake

Check out this great music video featuring live action Alan Wake.

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Jack Klugman2960d ago

Was kind expecting that to suck but that was excellent! If you've played the game you can catch some of the symbolism and the track isn't bad at all.

Nike2960d ago

It fits pretty well with Alan Wake and the editing is top notch (great matching to the beats in the beginning). Totally love it.

8thnightvolley2960d ago

i am yet to play the game but i am dying to .. just need to get rid of splintercellconvi so get alan wake.. peots of the fall are one of my fav bands and song fits the game i can tell.

Elven62960d ago

Agreed, it was pretty good and it tied in with the game really well. Kinda freaky to see the real actors for various characters in Alan Wake in live action form. :P

Really hope Poets of the Fall and Ilkka Villi can break into the "west" with the help of Alan Wake since they're both talented and very committed.

NovaXz2960d ago

Agreed. It's actually a really good song, that fits perfectly with the mood of the game.