Modern Warfare 2 Going 3D on the PS3?

A second video trumpeting the "PS4" also drops a half second hint that we may be seeing Modern Warfare 2 in 3D in the near future.

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playstation_clan2993d ago

they should first fix the games bugs before tackling any big projects like that and who is left at IW to accomplish such thing

MiamiACR2993d ago

Now not only will it hurt our wallets and our brains with bug filled frustration, it will now be hurting our eyes.

Redrum0592993d ago

Kool but il find it a bit irritating to wear glasses for long proofs of Time

Christopher2993d ago

IMHO, I don't think it's likely. Like most third-party developers, they'll aim to keep everything as similar as possible across the two HD console platforms.

Christopher2993d ago


*tosses Holy Hand Grenade*

Sorry, had to do it.

inveni02993d ago

Don't worry about the's not coming any time soon. That video was made by independents...not Sony. How do I know? They didn't use any official Sony trademarks. About MW2 going COULD happen because all it would require is a second camera. Since MW2 does split screen, it wouldn't take much to make it happen. WON'T happen because all the people that give a crap about MW2 were fired.

Darkfocus2993d ago

so it might be a pretty simple process to get 3D running on PS3 the Ps4 thing is defiantly fake though

Red-Dead-Roar2993d ago

$30 add on... nice activision...

BattleAxe2993d ago


What bugs? All of these so called bugs are usually only on the 360 and the PC. I play MW2 almost every night and I have yet to see any of the bugs that have been plaguing the other versions.

Everyone jumped on the Battlefield bandwagon, but its got far more issues than MW2, which is why I traded in BC2 today. MW2 in 3D will be sick!! Only on PS3!

UnwanteDreamz2993d ago

I played both as well and I wholeheartedly disagree. I found the MP on MW2 to be a glitchfest campathon. BFBC2 ran as smooth as silk for me until the last update. I hope it returns that way now that Europe got their patch.

Snakefist302992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Dude Ur 360 Fanboy Tats Y Ur Telling Sick!!! And Dont Say It Will Be Sick.U Havnt Seen The Game In 3D IDIOT!!

nycredude2993d ago

If this is true then watch 3d tech become the toast of the industry..

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

3D on MW2 Confirmed.

But about that v4, I think that is the new Firmware Version 4 coming on PS3

About that PS4, something weird is going on, on E3 they will reveal what is that ''PS4'' (maybe is not PlayStation 4) or something.

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jay22993d ago

No brainer, not my kind of game, I've not even rented it, but it's done so well it'll be there in 3D to shift more coppies, mark my words.

RatFuker2993d ago

i dont want mw2 touching my ps3. let it die already.

jay22993d ago

I don't want the game either.

PirateThom2993d ago

Can you really see a company that didn't patch in rumble or trophies going back to patch in 3D?

jay22993d ago

Didn't they?
Oh ok I ddin't know that, well maybe those to features will also come in the update if it happens.

PirateThom2993d ago

No, I mean CoD4. That's why I doubt 3D will happen in MW2.

-Alpha2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

A lot of devs didn't patch in trophies or rumble, especially third party ones, simply because there was no reason for them to do so.

I don't know the landscape of IW, but it'd be nice to see it happen considering they have the most popular FPS currently on PS3. I wonder if they'd do it or not, as IW has been pretty negligent of the PS3. We didn't even have features like muting in the lobbies with CoD4. If it happens it will make the PS3 look really relevant and will get people to jump the 3D wagon a bit.

jay22993d ago

@PirateThom, oh right, wouldn't know. But that was COD4 I guess, @Alpha-Male22 rumble should be in ALL games,(I'm talking pre-released games from before the DS3 came out).

Wrathman2993d ago

cod4 was horrendous on the ps3.i bought a rumble controller believing it would be patched.and I PERSONALLY had terrible connection issues online.

tho it was an early port in the ps3 did put me off playing.especially with issues like rpg smoke staying on screen thru the duration of a match.

MRMagoo1232993d ago

cod4 was bad on the ps3 ???? I dont think your talking about the same game its the only shooter I have spent most of my waking moments playing.Miles better than MW2 ur crazy

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ActionBastard2993d ago

I don't know, IW isn't the same IW and MW2 has sold better than COD4 on PS3. 3D is a BIG push for Sony. Activision likes money. *shrugs* Maybe?

Parapraxis2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

You make a good point.
I'd like to know more about this ad.
Is it on telly or just the internet, etc.

Here's the previous viral video

I doubt Sony is going to re-brand anything, they are just making the bold claim that 3D gaming is so revolutionary that it's NEXT gen (aka PS4) on the PS3.

ActionBastard2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

@ Parapraxis
Bold statement indeed. With everything they've got (Move, 3D, the titles they've announce BEFORE E3), then sending out viral ads with PS4...that's ballsy. You don't do that sort of thing if you've shown all ya got. The ad is just on the net.

Godmars2902993d ago

Those were case-by-case with the devs having to choose if they wanted to do the work.

Same applies here, but can you not see Activision not jumping on the 3D bandwagon? Especially if it might mean they can sell a few more copies of MW2.

Jack Klugman2993d ago

"It's real, but the "PS4" isn't meant literally. "

Sounds like Sony got wind of the rebranding of Xbox and now are thinking.. ME TOO! But wait, we are broke! So let's just throw out that the PS3 is now the PS4.. Sony customers = It's the PS4!!!!


Parapraxis2993d ago

Sounds like you need a tissue.

deadreckoning6662993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

And judging from your comment history...u need therapy L-O-L

Back on topic, I'm not a big Modern Warfare guy on the PS3, but I know this will be music to many peoples ears.

"This is why Jack Klugman and deadreckoning666 have 1 bubble. Life's good. :)"

So N4Gs ur life? Interesting. And better yet, u choose to spend time out of ur "life" worrying about what me and Jack Klugman are doing. Very interesting. Please, don't even bother retaliating...uve done enough lol

Tony-A2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Oh, don't mind him.

I don't think he knows gaming exists. He just lurks N4G waiting for PS3 articles to pop up with good news so he can spew negativity. It's hilarious because he never makes a valid point! HAHAHA!!

It's ok, Jack.... one day...... one day, you'll make sense.

Sunny_D2993d ago

This is why Jack Klugman and deadreckoning666 have 1 bubble. Life's good. :)

pwnsause2993d ago

Here, allow me to bring some to him

DeltaZ3R052993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

doesn't really matter lol it will still be superior than the xbox360

Ri0tSquad2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Sony started re-branding the PS3 since the slim dropped last year. The new box art and ads are an example. 3D, Move, and what ever comes next will continue to re-brand the PS3. It's a lot bigger then just heavily advertising a peripheral to casual gamers.

huzzaahh2993d ago

At least Sony has hardware that doesn't break down 30% of the time. If it's re-branded, at least it'll work.

SpitFireAce852993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

where is your bubble machine? Ive seen you 2 weeks
ago with one bubble and your still here.Go away and
hide under a rock troll.Rebranding alone dont sell
consoles! games also sell consoles .

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Parapraxis2993d ago

Some time you should try reading the article or watching the video before making a stupid comment.

jack who2993d ago

ya lets waste time and money putting 3d on a game thats unplayable with cheaters everywhere

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