Five Unlikely E3 News Items

As E3 approaches, it brings with it a slew of predictions from every game site and podcast imaginable. Since so many leaks slip out before the show every year, this trend can often get pretty dry. In the span of a few days, game companies disprove the press' elaborate guessing games, and everyone else forgets everything they said in the first place. No one ever manages to guess the real surprises: Did anyone guess that Nintendo and Valve would announce Metroid: Other M or Left 4 Dead 2 last year?

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JAguilar3025d ago

I am calling Left 4 Dead 3

RedPawn3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Tekken VS Virtua Fighter
Mother 4
New Shinobi
Klonoa 3
Breath of Fire VI
Naughty Dog aquires the rights to all of Interplay's IPs, like

Earthworm Jim
Wild Nine
Out of this World

xaviertooth3024d ago

tekken vs vf? yes please. anything with tekken name on it will be an instant buy for me.

klonoa 3? yes please.

Sadie21003024d ago

Wow, Tekken vs. VF would be legendary...and would make me care about those franchises again. :)

Doc Sony3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I have already seen things regarding Move that has gotten me excited.

LBP with Move controls worked ace, Socom 4 with Move looked cool, hell even the tabletennis game looked smooth.

What has Natal shown ? fvck all

I think the chance that 'gamers' will walk away more satisfied with Move than Natal is pretty big.

Wrathman3024d ago

really? do you walk away from your wii with satisfaction 2? they are the same thing.but with MOVE you get 2 wash and shave your monkey! maybe thats wot you mean?

bbretterson3024d ago

Microsoft portable?? Yeah, that's a bit unlikely.

Tolkoto3024d ago

I love E3 surprises :D

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