Mission Accomplished: Alan Wake

Remedy spent the better part of a decade in order to bring you there much anticpated psychological thriller, Alan Wake, to Xbox 360 gamers. Was it worth the wait? The answer is a resounding 'Yes'.

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Jack Klugman3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yes it was worth the wait but now I need the DLC! Looking forward to continuing this story. I hope it has long legs because Remedy deserve to see some good sales for their effort.

Spydiggity3107d ago

nothing ever came of Deer Fest. Bright Falls and Alan Wake both made constant references to deer and deer fest, then you never actually get to see it. i thought for sure more questions would be answered.

Arnon3107d ago

It was in there, and it was blatantly easy to see if you beat the game. Anyway, it was a fantastic game, and I'm dying to play the DLC.

jay23107d ago

Yeah fantastic game.

clarkjudo3107d ago

One DLC coming in July and 2 more before the year ends. :)