E3 2010: Is It Bigger, Better and More Overhyped?


"I’m a full-on gamer so when it comes to sequels and gaming events I usually get worried that I’m easily sucked into the hype bandwagon that ultimately ruins any hope I have for enjoying a title. It happened with GTAIV, it happened with Gears of War 2, Fable II and I feel it will surely happen with E3 2010."

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gaminoz3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I can't say that the hype has drawn me in yet...not too many titles really grab me so far.

Gandalf3109d ago

Isn't that the point? The hype is being surprised on what could be there. And of course disappointment will always be there because we'll never get a Tomba 3.

Conloles3109d ago

Hype bandwagon? GTA IV And Gow2 werent overhyped the multiplayer on them just sucked.

Godem3109d ago

looks like it might be overhyped with all the comapnies (sony) announcing their huge titles early.... or maybe they have even bigger surprises like FF7 remake? :P

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

That isn't overhype, that's just a smart move of momentum.

E3 always has hype. It is, traditionally, an event for all gamers to be excited over the future of their consoles and the industry. And it always delivers for me at least. It's just so exciting and interesting and something always comes out of it that has everyone talking.

This E3 has especially gotten me hyped.

Natal finally (hopefully and most likely) being fully revealed, along with MOVE showing off whatever it has.

Typical rumors of PSN+, XBL features, rebrandings and slim models, etc.

For me what sets this apart is the fact that Sony especially is in such a sweet spot of the cycle where they have all these games and now all there sequels are coming out bigger and better than before. Motion controls especially are the biggest thing this year, and I think this year we will finally see online take the next big step. It's going to be significant step for Sony, and MS will continue to evolve XBL. I personally am going under the belief that since MS got rid of XBL for Xbox1 they will have big updates. And Zelda is rumored too is it not? DS2? PSP2? It's going to be a great E3.

Belgavion3109d ago

I think it'll be a typical E3 with all that's expected and 1 or 2 surprises from each company. Then again, I like being shocked

BadCircuit3109d ago

I kind of like the's how I find out about cool upcoming games!

EXID3109d ago

how can e3 be overhyped?... isn't that the whole point of it?

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