Red Dead Redemption Benefited from Big Marketing

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption has been a huge hit, selling in 5 million units at retail in just a few weeks. One key aspect of the title's success was its marketing, Take-Two said, as noted by Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

"We note that RDR has displayed greater staying power, and remains in the top 10 of certain key online retailer sales lists. Apart from the game’s high Metacritic score, management attributed a large portion of the game’s success to its marketing campaign. We noted multiple prominent billboards throughout Los Angeles promoting RDR, in addition to print ads, TV commercials, and a TV special," Pachter said.

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jack_burt0n3111d ago

I reckon its their old skool approach of showing hardly any gameplay, blocking etc it seems its only rockstar games that really send me rushing to watch a live feed and that builds hype, which builds word of mouth.

Bigpappy3111d ago

Word of mouth in the gaming industry is the biggest seller of games, and that sure is true for this one. Reviews are important, but you would notice that some games got rewiewed higher than RDR (Not many) and did not sell nearly as well. Commercials do help a little, but The hype starts with the online media, then when people start the word of mouth in chat room on the net or at schools and work place, that is where games start to sell out of control.

RedSky3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Where do you think word of mouth originates from?

The vast majority of people don't care about game reviews, let alone follow gaming news in the slightest even if they own a console. I'm sure most people are completely unaware of the Infinity Ward fiasco and probably assumed the same people were making it back when it was IW/Treyarch staggering releases. Most people will buy the next game in the series completely oblivious to everything that has happened. Rockstar may be somewhat the exception because of how notorious they have become in the news, but they're the exception not the rule.

Word of mouth originates from mass marketing. I hate sounding absolute but it's simply a fact. You can generate buzz with a quirky and innovative game but you can do a whole lot better and spread the word far quicker if you dangle it in front of people's faces with billboards and ads.

Why do you think that big budget games have such huge buzz just before release and such huge initial sales? Nobody's played them yet. The rate at which games are being dumbed down and simplified for the casual audience should tell you straight out that it's not because the few that read game previews have a massive soapbox.

Its advertising, pure and simple.

WildArmed3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I had NO interest in this game WHAT SO EVER when it was announced.
But the last few weeks, I've been bombarded with ads in Chicago, on tv (just saw another during the b-ball game last night!), on websites.

I fell in love with the game..
and it's probably one of the best games i've bought this year lol

SP was amazing.


Darkstorn3111d ago

What are you talking about? They showed a lot of gameplay videos before release, detailing many of the game's mechanics.

ReservoirDog3163111d ago

Well I heard there's billboards of it all over the place (I wouldn't know though, what is outside?). But I wanted it the second I heard of it.


I still think word of mouth and the fact that the game is unique and just something that feels a bit different to everything else is the real factor.

there are Plenty of other games that have had TV adds, posters etc, and over here I would not say RDR has had significantly more exposure then others, but with the adds that have been shown, they have shown a great looking game world that feels different yet authentic so naturally it caught peoples eyes.

Then add to that the fact that everyone who has played has said great things, word spreads fast on live and psn alone.

but in the end, it's a great game with wide appeal.

evrfighter3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I never followed this game ever as it was not a pc title. the hype and excitement at the workplace prompted me to check it out.

I bought it for the 360 and it truly is the best console game to come out since my snes/genesis/nin64 gaming days.

RDR will more than likely be the only title to stand out on console this gen for me.

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LtSkittles3111d ago

I have a question if anyone knows the to it who is the guy who does the commercials for RockStar? The one who says Rated 18 at the end.

GLoRyKnoT3111d ago

I got mine & dont even watch tv :P

Krugsy3111d ago

I think there are several reasons why it was successful 'other' than the advertising. Consumer confidence in the developers (R*) is certainly a major, and so is its relationship with GTAIV. Another reason would be the fact that it (the western) is something new and relatively untried, thus a lot of interested consumers. Pre-release hype, word of mouth, good review scores are several more reasons.

But yes, the subject of its advertising is certainly interesting. Not many games have been advertised in the cinemas, and some of the magazines they advertised in would be considered unusual. I think Rockstar realised they could easily sell the game to 'gamers' so they advertised to those who are much more casual.

NYC_Gamer3111d ago

well Rockstar has that loyal fanbase...

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