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E3 2010: Five Ways Microsoft Wows

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 fast approaching, much speculation is taking place. This is perhaps the most joyous time of the year on a gamer's calendar as the uncertainty builds to the ultimate payoff. That being said, what does Microsoft need do to make a positive impression this year? (E3, Project Natal, Xbox 360)

ironhammers  +   1848d ago
For Microsoft to wow me at E3 this year, they'd have to announce that Games for Windows LIVE is being abandoned forever! Although, I am looking forwards to seeing that "NextBox 360" you mention there!
GWAVE  +   1848d ago
Microsoft always always ALWAYS wows. That's one of their strongest traits.

However, they have some issues when it comes to actually delivering. As a long-time gamer, I've grown tired of being "wow"ed. I want results.
SOAD  +   1848d ago
"As a long-time gamer, I've grown tired of being "wow"ed."

How does one get tired of being excited?

It's like if I said, I'm tired of all the blowjobs, ladies.

But I see what you mean, I want results. More studios MS, more studios.
wxer   1848d ago | Offensive
Godmars290  +   1848d ago
Don't think its so much about becoming tired of being "Wowed" SOAD, and more about something being over-hyped. Not delivering though nothing can possibly do that when being *OVER*-hyped, yet having one set of fanboys insisting that it has while another say it hasn't. Needing months after release to get an honest opinion.

There's no way a sensible person couldn't become tired of "wow" with that kind of crap going on.
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jukins  +   1848d ago
honestly the past e3's microsoft really hasnt wow'd me. last e3 they get final fantasy good for gamers but nothing that you can get on sony's console. another thing timed exclusive dlc for modern warfare really? this wows ppl. show me some innovative new non third party stuff. show me natal is more than ricochet. im thinking there might be one hardcore natal game (maybe i'll be proved wrong) the rest are gonna be family night games, imo. other than that i mean we'll see more crackdown more halo and more gears. show me something new!!!!!!!!!!!
JokesOnYou  +   1848d ago
yeah SOAD, wxer is right....
The reason all the sony soldiers can never be "wow"ed." is because sony extremists have their head so far up sony's azz anything missing a ps logo becomes "meh" to them. They hate micro as if Bill Gates himself slapped their Mommy. lol

Parapraxis  +   1848d ago
NextBox360 actually sounds pretty awesome. If only MS (hell almost any company) had such a sense of humour and levity.
I'm interested in seeing how they plan to launch Natal tbh.
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Parapraxis  +   1848d ago
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deadreckoning666  +   1848d ago
Well unless M$ announces a 360 with built-in Wifi and free online play, theres no chance in hell I'm getting one. But I do predict that they will steal the show at E3 with Natal.

"u play with air
see how long thats fun"

Perfect example of N4G stupidity. Thank you! I said that I predict that Natal will steal the show...I NEVER said I was interested in Natal personally. Please, thk before you post.

"I just might actually kill myself if I have to read another freaking "____ company needs these 5 things to wow" article for the 100th time!!! This is just ridiculous."

Why do you HAVE to read these kind of articles? Is someone forcing you? Let the mods know and I'm sure they will help u the best they can.

@MadMan00- Woah, who pee'd in ur Cheerios? Why are you calling a person you don't know an idiot over the Internet? Calm down there buddy. If you want to call my COMMENT idiotic then fine..but why the personal attack? Also, I never said M$ WOULD make XBL free, I just said that its what they need to do to get MY money.
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ATLGAMER  +   1848d ago
u play with air
see how long thats fun
MadMan00  +   1848d ago
It's not gonna free idiot, MS isn't stupid enough to make there Online FREE, it's way to damn good to be free...Built in Wifi would be nice and a new 360 then, yes.

I won't wanna be wow'ed I wanna be "Yesed" I waanna Sat "Yes"!!! When I see something I like!
Parapraxis  +   1848d ago
"it's way to damn good to be free"
Seriously? too good to be free? LOL

It's this mentality that makes me think that MS really could increase the cost of Live and there would not only be people fine with that, there would be those patting them on the back for making a "good business move".
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ATLGAMER  +   1848d ago
im stupid...lets do natal
this takes two people one controller...okay lets use any game....okay now they put it in....u pretend to do what ever he is doing on the screen and lets see how long thats fun for....so he actually plays u just kinda jump around and do what the game is doing .....that is Natal in a nut shell and do that for hours...( not gonna happen)
8thnightvolley  +   1848d ago
MS will wow that is certain, all i want from their e3

is new game that are kickass and HARDCORE
and natal should be just too amazing to be missed and maybe just maybe i will shell out 90pounds for natal.
Lucreto  +   1848d ago
The article says Natal was $150 before they removed the cpu but I read somewhere it was going to be $150 because it had its own power supply.

I am going to miss MS conference this year due to work. :(
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markbob  +   1848d ago
They are going to Stream the Conference
Jump of Gametrailer.com when the conference starts. They are going to be the only ones streaming it live.

I believe gametrailers is going to stream every conference. Since Im working now this is my plan to watch them
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Focker420  +   1848d ago
I just might actually kill myself if I have to read another freaking "____ company needs these 5 things to wow" article for the 100th time!!! This is just ridiculous. We are 5 days away people, do we really need pointless articles like this?!
Parapraxis  +   1848d ago
LOL, I expect plenty more of these. Journalists as well as gamers are hyped for E3 as usual, you really can't blame authors for making these articles when E3 is just about all they think about.
Annoying a bit, yes, surprised there are so many, not so much.
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Britney Spears  +   1848d ago
will be bad just like the last 3 years. multipaltform games and timed exclusive dlc/pc ports.
gfunkera10  +   1848d ago
They will show natal......accompanied by people flailing their limbs to a red ball coming at them. Pretty much what they have made Natal for.......oh yeah, and everyone's new virtual friend Milo to help with your self esteem issues.
Shadow Flare  +   1848d ago
Get a member of the audience to hold a full conversation with milo live on stage at e3 and then i'll be impressed microsoft. Apparently thats what it can do according to the video and according to peter molynox it could do it perfectly a year ago. So bring out milo and demonstrate it live. Demonstrate everything about natal live and in perfect working order. Only then will I be impressed. However, i'm expecting alot of fakery and premade videos
SOAD  +   1848d ago
Then people will say that the audience was part of the ruse. It never ends. No one will believe that Milo is genuine until they try it out for themselves.
K1W1  +   1848d ago
Oh yeah!

I had compleatly forgot about Milo.

I always wondered if he was part of some kind of dashboard interface. Like instead of flicking through tabs or pages and selecting apps with a button press you just tell Molo what you want.

I think that would be pretty neat.
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emk2004  +   1848d ago
i wasnt wow at all last year.
i dont care about stupid Steven Spielberg, or the beatles i want super crisp hd kick @ss games. and last year they were lacking. this year tho is already looking bright halo reach is amazing from what i played in the beta and gears 3 wont make the same online mistake as number 2 did so thats also a first day. fable is a must play, im only worried about it being less rpgish i read about it in a article. rares new games will depend on what it is i dont like fighters so if its killer instinct mehh, hoping for a new conker. dont care about driving games so if any forza stuff shows bfd. and natal will be interesting to see, imagine a starwars force game where you pushed and electricuted people by moving your hand that would be so cool.
bligmerk  +   1848d ago
All they need to win the show is the Natal family, representing all 360 gamers everywhere:


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