Wii Sports has outsold all of Gran Turismo and Halo combined.

The two biggest selling franchises on the Microsoft and Sony platforms have both been outsold by Nintendos new franchise Wii Sports.

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THC CELL3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Em the game comes free with the console

Tit for tat

qface643114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

lol this isn't a serious article ya know
i think its trying to copy that other article

-Alpha3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

If the second crappy article made it this should too. By all means, it's only fair. This is what happens when you have a terrible approval system as the first article shouldn't even have existed. Fun times at N4G never stop.

3114d ago
RedDevils3114d ago

make the mod do the approval instead and not the users, btw wtf the mod do anyway, do they even do their job at all, or they just sit there and collect their paycheck

Another One3114d ago

Haha someone in the other article called it. I knew that would prompt someone to do this.

And who in the hell approved this? The first one with Greenberg was bad enough. Now we have 2 more? Way to go N4G, way to go.

Droid Smasha3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I GUARANTEE this doesn't get HALF the posts as the other two

DarkSpawnClone3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

@ RedDevils

you deserve an award for that comment lol, bubbles for you sir.

You Won a Trophy! "Best comment of the year!!!"

but yeah really, why are they not. they should be the ones doing this, at the vary least they should have one mod approving article before they get posted on front page.this would solve a lot of problems and flame wars/articles on n4g.

Conloles3114d ago

Sigh enough with these articles, Windows has outsold all of them WHO CARES!!!!

Biggest3114d ago

Hmmm. I must have been in the dark for this one. Is there a "Windows: The Game"? It doesn't seem like it would be a lot of fun at all.

badz1493114d ago

who keep approving these stuff?? 1st, it was Aaron Greenturd's immature tweet, and then some stupid counter article and now another stupid and lame chest thumping for nothing! where's the "N" part of N4G goes? - lost in the middle of stupidity!

Theonik3114d ago

They should track minesweeper. It probably outsold them all. (comes with every windows PC)
Sure if Wii sports counts so does this right? Man those articles will never end now, this got serious...

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dangert123114d ago

LOL 2day is completely halrious not often the wii fans get into this but hey

Nike3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I'd report this, if only I knew it'd do some good. Oh well.

Let chaos rain.

NastyLeftHook3114d ago

first we say a generic (unreal tournament)(tribes) ripoff sells more than uncharted1,2 (goty) killzone 2, resistance 1, 2,...and then we have definitive racer outsells generic shooter, and finally wii sports outsells them both. whose shlong is bigger that the others? lets find out.

aceitman3114d ago

the wii was sold and it came free
look at wii sports resorts sales and tell me it sold more .

qface643114d ago

he he lol your actually being sucked into this article LOL

WildArmed3114d ago

So it's officially one of the slowest day for news..
You know it when you see 2 crappy rebuttals to a crappy articles in the first place.

Good job N4G~

Theonik3114d ago

We are close to E3 now. You won't be seeing a lot of news now until E3 besides some confirmed E3 games and retarded rumours. Oh there is that Gametrailers thing that will be an interesting early reveal.

Focker4203114d ago

Did anyone actually read the article?? Can we get some legitimate numbers please?? This is all fake. Give me a break (hey that rhymed lol) GT and Halo sold 80 million, and Wii Sports magically sold 81 million. I'm sure that these are actual figures. :rolls eyes:

boodybandit3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

that think sales = quality.

Some of the best game I have ever played didn't even hit a million in sales. But that is what the fans of this generation of gaming always seem to be fighting over. It doesn't help when you have D-Bag PR departments spewing this nonsense for articles to be written by the hit crazed tabloid media.

It's only going to get worse when E3 starts. This place is going to explode. There is going to be a ton of deleted, banned and bubble raping going on here.

dizzleK3114d ago

sales don't necessarily equal quality but in a few cases they do. there are some great games that have rightfully sold tons, it's just unfortunate that that's the exception rather than the rule. it's just like every other form of media and we've just gotta accept that shit sells boatloads alot of the time.

shoddy3114d ago

these article can go on and on but sales =/= quality.

at least make the games HD for chist sake, it's an HD era. Please don't hold it back.

Shang-Long3114d ago

lol well each system needed its own article

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Tony-A3114d ago

Halo and Gran Turismo would sell that much if they came with every PS3/360, too.

PS: You're late to the party, whoever you are. Two articles are enough.

RedDevils3114d ago

even Folklore would sell that much :P

Hands Up For Games3114d ago

In you're Faces , MS & Sony!! ;)

You have to love the Tinterweb, otherwise you would cry (true story).