Gran Turismo 1-3 Sold More Than the Whole Halo Series Combined….wow

Charles King/DCI shares his opinion on Aaron Greenburg's recent tweet about Halo 3 outselling Sony franchises.

"I will be honest and say that it is a pretty impressive feat for a game to outsell 8 other popular titles like that. However, I don’t understand the first part of his tweet “Just in from research team (NPD)”.

Why was the “Microsoft Xbox 360 Stupid and Irrelevant Statistics Department” researching this anyway? Well what the MX360SAISD conveniently left out of their research is that Sony has one of the best selling franchises of all time."

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LordMarius3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol, dont ever change N4G

but just to be fair are these NPD numbers because we all know America = World

Bobbykotickrulesz3109d ago

WOW I've known this for a long time! But hey, let's make an article out of it.

wxer3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

"Gran Turismo 1-3 Sold More Than the Whole Halo Series Combined….wow"
oh snap he went there
and yes i agree with this article

WhittO3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol its funny how MS think that Game sales = Game quality.

I would have to agree, I mean Modern Warfare 2 is so much better than Killzone 2! ... > /SARCASM <

Thats why they are always playing catch up to other companies who are innovating and not JUST out to extort money.

Side Note - I think they are hurt that Alan Wake failed to sell 2+ million day 1 lol, everything below that is a fail to them? So feel the need to show off sales numbers of their games to try and take away from others.

lociefer3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

lol Aaron,that guy just owned u, now go make a satitstic about 360 outselling happy meals in the last year or somthin

ShinMaster3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Anyways, I don't really care for sales, I just want my awesomez GT5!!! :D

StanLee3109d ago Show
3109d ago
ShinMaster3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Oh, and like 360 fanboys don't do the same, StanLee?
And America does not equal the world.
I don't care what Greenberg said. That guy is always full of it.

telekineticmantis3109d ago

This only affects xbox fanboys i could careless

NYPunk883109d ago


I hate platform wars but even now and then it's ok. lol

The Wood3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

did you mention 360 fanboys in the aaron article......cummon now. Both articles are retarded. Two wrongs dont make a right but this is a its almost like your condemning the guy that gets bullied for smacking the bully. Love the use of the semicolon btw....not many people use it or know how to.

This whole crap was started by greenberg...He's like the fanboy emperor.. Brag about games for your gamers not sales for your bloody investors and do your best to keep the comp out of your mouths especially when you're being so selective. Same goes to sony mentioning how many hd tvs are hooked up to ps3's vs 360's.... leave the comps names out of it

PoSTedUP3109d ago

i think the "wow" indicates that it really dosent matter and they were being sarcastic. like for example: "hey my store sold more fruits then all your products last year", then the sarcastic reply would be: "well we sold more products in the past 3 years then you, big whoop (wow)"

you see. i think people need to be a little less gullible.

nycredude3109d ago


Yeah just like anytime someone punches me in the face I will punch them back twice as hard. I don't like starting fights but I sure as hell love ending them.


Do you really expect people to take you seriously. You of all people calling fanboys despicable? That means you are despicable also! Duh.

Also talking about fighting fair, why not state the sales worldwide? Fucking bunch of retards on N4g.

Nike3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The only thing this piece projects is, "Hey, that 360 guy is insulting us by saying his exclusive sold more than all of ours...isn't he just pathetic? Let's do the same to him!"

I find it hilarious that we hate some one for doing something and proceed to repay them by doing the exact same thing.

The context is quite funny, actually. Greenberg only talked about Halo 3 outselling that many games. Why did the author decide to dig up the entire Gran Turismo series (of all things, comparing a driving game to an FPS)? Why not compare a single game of GT to so many of the 360 exclusives that didn't sell like Halo - like, I don't know, how a single GT sold more than the entire Forza series combined?

Doesn't change the fact that this site is just whining and trying to incite a flamewar.

@disagrees: This site says Kaz Hirai should do the exact same thing Greenberg is doing. So far, Hirai hasn't (otherwise it'd 1000 degrees in an hour). Why? Because it's called being a hypocrite. No point in condemning one's actions if you're going to do the same.

morganfell3109d ago

As if Greenburg didn't already suffer from lack of thought when running off at the mouth, it is obvious sheer desperation on the part of Microsoft is now amplifying the problem.

ShinMaster3109d ago

You didn't really think what Greenberg said was 100% accurate did you?
Dude's world revolves around NPD numbers.

What he said about Halo 3 means sh--. How many GOTYs has Halo 3 won???
This is what Uncharted 2 alone achieved:

adram3109d ago

@Nike : euh it did, Gran Turismo 3 outsold forza 1+2+3, and still 6m more add what ever game you want gears for example, you happy now

badz1493109d ago

call me a fanboy if you want but I still think that this article is unnecessary! it's like giving Greenturd what he wanted!

tordavis3109d ago

The guy who wrote this article is no better than Aaron Greenberg. Actually he's worse.

rezzah3109d ago

Yes you may have known this for a long time, but that fatass up there didnt. which is why we just read his dumbass tweet.

UltraNova3109d ago

This is bullshit from both sides... If Nintendo came with a Mario statistic both MS and Sony will shut up indefinitely! Although Sony didn't reply yet, but hey they shouldn't anw.

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dangert123109d ago

lol i love this site entertainment @ its finest lol

negrito2113109d ago

this is entertainment at its finest lol. that was like a knockout punch right there

Crystallis3109d ago

LOL..I was waiting for a counter article to Aaron's comment earlier..

karl3109d ago

Aaron just got owned!

R2D23109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The Wii outsold the PS3/XBOX 360 combined.

I forgot - the Wii does not count because its not an HD console LOL

-Ikon-3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Entertainment at its finest? How boring could your life be to make such a claim.

theonlylolking3109d ago

This is why we come back 2 N4G all the time...or is it?

ELite_Ghost3108d ago

didn't even include prologue and GT4, pwned!!

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La Chance3109d ago ShowReplies(4)
-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Utter childishness. Both "articles" are a prime example of why people view N4G as a total joke with no credibility. It's a circus around here.


Oh yeah, it's entertaining, but a complete joke how easily people buy into the silliness. Both newspieces should have never been approved but we all know how much of a joke the report system is.

goodfellas273109d ago

I love the entertainment. ;)

TheTwelve3109d ago

Stop being so serious, Alpha-Male, sheesh. You're not getting paid.


Tony-A3109d ago

I would've been MORE shocked if this article didn't pop up. I knew someone would do it.

I just think it's funny how someone who's supposed to be professional about all this was the one who starts things like this and brings up NPD like he doesn't care about the other people who enjoy his product around the world.

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Don't mean to come off as serious, just commenting on how silly it is ;)

Why do I have to get paid? :/

TheTwelve3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Because you're acting like this webpage is your livelihood, and that its integrity is somehow important to your well being. Chill, son.


Convas3109d ago

and TheTwelve, his comments are perfectly fine. Both parties are acting predictably childish.

Did you not see his GIF he put up, he teasing. He's not taking this too seriously.

"Chill, son."

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

So I have to get paid to make comments like that? I have no idea how you managed to conclude that this site affects my integrity and is my livelihood just because I laughed at how much of a circus it is.

Edit: I'm still confused, why do I have to get "paid" to make the comments I do? I have no idea what you are trying to say :/

TheTwelve3109d ago

Just like I have no idea how you can't find this entire thing to be hilarious and fun. Unless you work for Microsoft of Sony, that is...i.e., paid.

Finally, you can adjust the filters so that such "news" that you detest won't even appear on your screen. That's the best part about the new design; you can dabble in what you think is "silliness" only if you choose.


acere3109d ago

yea yea but u like your bubbles a lot


klado3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

@ Stop being so serious, Alpha-Male, sheesh. You're not getting paid.

Exactly, fallow those lines Alfa dud, and you'll discover give some laugh to then and when, is healthy and you won't need plastic surgery later at your old Alfa facet.

Just notice how these with 4 bubbles are too conceited about this..come on, how many times has this kind of story happen since the new n4g? none, so?

On topic...had to copy this comment...GT 1,2,3,4,5P Outsold Gears of war 1,2 – alan wake – forza 1,2,3 – Halo 1,2,3,wars,odst COMBINED

Another One3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Oh I agree with Alpha Male so much. It's so ridiculous that either story got accepted, especially this one since it's simply a stupid rebuttal to an another stupid "story".

Sure, it's funny, but not necessary. Oh well, I can still laugh at the fanboys taking it too seriously. Especially the first story that has 350 comments.

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goodfellas273109d ago

LMAO! They never see that's a global economy that we are in.

ShiNe-Box-3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

N4G will never change!

The earlier face-lift done to this website hasn't done much to change the way users post.

PoSTedUP3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

if you dont like it, GET OUT.

its fun, entertaining, hectic, all out games+ game dev wars, fan wars, corporation smack talking, great talents, great persoinalitys etc. I DONT WANT IT TO CHANGE.

N4G FTMFW, i loved you guys+ games+ devs, from the start.

@ dangert, i agree bro

Nike3109d ago

"its fun, entertaining, hectic, all out games+ game dev wars, fan wars, corporation smack talking, great talents, great persoinalitys etc. I DONT WANT IT TO CHANGE."

If I changed around the terms a little, I'm sure I'd get the tone for the movie, Wall Street. :P

IdleLeeSiuLung3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I think the point was that one game outsold 8 other heavy hitters on current generation. That is a feat, but once you start combining games, then it doesn't make as much sense.

Either way, who really cares? A good game is a good game regardless of it's sales. The only games that matters for sales is online games as you got a bigger pool of people to play with....

Oh, GT series has sold tremendously well so it definitely deserves it's praise!

BakedGoods3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

According to VGChartz:

Halo 3: 11m

Uncharted 1 & 2: 7m
GoW III: 2.5m
Resistance 1 & 2: 5.6m
Killzone 2: 2.3m
Total = 17m

So apparently 11m > 17m? Even if the VGChartz numbers are old, I highly doubt Halo 3 caught up to 17 million. Also, even if you include ODST we're still only at 16 million sold.

So what does this bullstat mean? Microsoft's getting nervous.

Tony-A3109d ago

Greenberg was only referring to NPD, like always. Everything else is invisible to him.

jizzyjones3109d ago

He means in the US only, like when he said "360 has outsold ps3 2-1" only in america.

BakedGoods3109d ago

My bad. Didn't clue in that Microsoft cherry-picks numbers.

Microsoft Xbox 3603109d ago

Not to mention Gran Turismo is a true "hardcore" game. That says a lot. GT does not need the mindless casuals to sell.

The Wood3109d ago

did you mention 360 fanboys in the aaron article......cummon now. Both are retarded. Two wrongs dont make a right but this is a its almost like your condemning the guy that gets bullied for smacking the bully

wages of sin3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Needs to be replaced. I hope this recent shuffling of executives isn't over at Microsoft, and that it leads to him being removed. Not so much because of what he said this time (which is not being being reported accurately) but becuase I generally don't like the way he does his thing. Peter Moore and Jeff Bell were much better.

Good point you made earlier

darthv723109d ago

While it is very true the GT series has sold more than the Halo series. It cant be argued that the games in the series have sold more than the previous release.

GT 1 actually sold more than GT 2 and GT 3 sold more than GT 1. GT 4 did not outsell GT 3.

Looking at halo series, you can see the next version has outsold the previous each time. Halo 1 outsold by halo 2 which was outsold by halo 3. I am not talking the spin offs I am talking the main games.

Sales numbers wise, for a series to progressively sell better each time is hard to do. Like it has been said about movies. Sequels generally have a tough time besting the original but it can happen.

Now the question on my mind...why are we even debating something like this. It is a statement of the obvious. New N4G look same N4G taste.

Aquanox3109d ago

How many units has GT sold in this generation?


Sez 3109d ago

Shhhhh. Leave them be

next there will be a thread about how MS OS's has sold more than Sony TVs. Or how Sony Walkman have Sold more than zunes put together. Both companys can go back and forth with it. Fanboys really need to stop getting butthurt by these guys comments.

Oner3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue 4.65 Million (not including digital sales)
Gran Turismo PSP 1.8 Million

All info freely available on the net ~

Trolls will be trolls.

-Bubbled down & disagrees to reflect their clear inappropriate behavior.

Aquanox3108d ago

You guys must be crazy if you think industry has just frozen and sales will come from heaven as if this was still the generation when Sony had more than 100 million consoles in the market.

First of all, Sony has 1/4 the console market it had back then. At that time, Forza wasn't a well stablished franchise, there was no Dirt, Grid or most of the other great racers this generation has seen.

With all those facts combined, GT5 will never have nearly those numbers anymore. I'm sure it will still really good, but reaching those figures will only be in the most rabid fanboy minds around.

joemayo763109d ago

still doesn't fix Halo's crappy sp campaign (online is fun tho)

Also anyone else get a Kanye West vibe when reading this article

"Yo Greenburg, I'm really happy for you, I'm a Let you finish, but Gran Turismo is one of the biggest selling video games of all time!"

Dee_913109d ago

still dont make it better than any of the games it outsold

Sez 3109d ago

That depends. People have different taste in games. You may feel halo sucks compared to those games. But other may feel halo is better than those games.
No sales don't mean quality. But when you make a comment about halo's sales don't mean it's a quality game. The same thing can be said about GT being that it had no real competition until Forza came out.

Dee_913109d ago

you missed my point lol
i wasnt saying halo sucked or was better .. i was saying the same thing you just said

RatFuker3109d ago

gt sold more than halo.

gapecanpie3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

This article fails simply because there was no Xbox or Halo when the PSone or the first GT was out... This isn't a fair compairson... but oh well ... butthurt fanboys will see it there way anyhow.

BattleAxe3109d ago

I wonder how Greenburg is going to pull his own foot out of his A** now?

Sonyfanclubpresident3109d ago

Times and things have changed this generation.
There is no way the new GT will reach it's past sales.

FPS are the in thing now.

Sorry ,but I'm right.

Noble Spartan3108d ago

Cry Moar ! LOL Halo Reach will devastate every single PS3 exlcusive made from PS3 in one blow PS3 exclusive down the drain. Damage will be matter of 24 hours.

Feel sorry for PS3 exclusive they don't sell much I guess.

Halo Reach will destroy

Killzone 3
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear solid 4
Heavy Rain
Resistance 1
Resistance 2
Resistance 3 ( already doomed without announment )
Motorstorm 1 & 2 & 3
God Of War 3
Uncharted 1 & 2

everything PS3 has got to offer is finished i guess.