Sony Confirms: "Stereoscopic 3D Package" Free for Previous Owners

A 3D collection of games including Super Stardust HD, WipEout HD, Pain and part of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift will be released to coincide with this. Those who already own these games will have an option to upgrade them for FREE.

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GodsHand3108d ago

I still don't own any of those games, but did they not jack up the price on Stardust HD because it had trophy support. I wonder if they are going to jack the price again for the 3D part.

deafwing3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

... this is a great word. Yet, I feel like this article, and Sony, are stating an obvious. It's an update for the game if you have it, I guess the developers could charge for it but if they want people to like 3D, they would have to give them the experience for free first I guess. Don't think my flat screen can handle 3D anyways so yea ... and I'm not upgrading, I just got that thing.

Megaton3108d ago

SSHD cost me $10 months before trophies, and as far as I know it's still $10 today, so I dunno where you get this idea of raising the price when trophies were patched in.

Redempteur3108d ago

actually i got stardust hd & the expansion pack for 7$ total ...

BUT that during limited ( christmas ) sales when the price was lower .. the price hasn't changed since the start otherwise i think ..

Ju3108d ago

Hah, I got all of them :) Only thing missing is a 3D TV.

Ocelot5253108d ago

same here

*checking electronics store folder* €3000 for 3DTV ? I think I'm gonna wait till they are a bit cheaper

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Joni-Ice3108d ago

I may not want to upgrade if I cant keep the original game at the current resolution. Dont mine playing Wipeout in 3D however I may want to go back and play it in 1080p. I heard the 3D versions of those games lost some resolution. Is that true?

nycredude3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Even if they lost resolution you won't notice it. Remember if the picture is being rendered two times, one time for each eye.

The combined 3d effects will make up for it.

STONEY43108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Um, yeah you do notice it. I've played on 3D monitors on PCs, and I can honestly say the jaggies are just as obvious in 3D as out of it on lower resolutions. I'm sure consoles will be no different, and in case you didn't read the magazine feature on Killzone 3, the author even said himself that there is a noticeable quality drop, especially regarding resolution. Now something like WipEout HD is already running at 60fps 1080p 99% of the time (it switches resolutions mid-game to keep the framerate but it's really hard to notice), so probably will have nearly no quality drop at all in 3D, besides being dropped to 30fps.

PoSTedUP3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

hey but if i get the 3D upgrade, and want to play it back in just 1080p, will it still affect it or let me switch back? you probably dont know do you?

edit: oh wait nevermind i dont care about this because i still dont have a 3Dtv and wont have one for a while.

beardpapa3108d ago

Remember the fbi agent in Heavy Rain and his glasses? Remember how he got addicted to it so badly the tanks started shooting at him with the glasses off?

Yea.... play too much SSHD3D and you'll start seeing asteroids attacking you as soon as you turn off the game and take off the glasses.

sloth33953108d ago

it will have an option in the game to play in 3D or regular

shoddy3108d ago

Gotta wait another year until KZ3.
I have to save $200 a month.

Bnet3433108d ago

If you ask me, I think 3D will be standard next-gen. Like this gen, a lot of people bought HDTVs. I think next-gen, a lot of people will be 3DTVs. I just want 3D without having to wear glasses.

El_Colombiano3108d ago

I don't think that is possible. You could try to emulate the feeling by having the PSEye track your head, which should happen with all 3D games imo, but real 3D isn't possible without glasses.

lightningsax3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Kigmal, your comment is rampant among consumer electronics producers' corporate offices. The idea in the CE trade industry was to make 3D necessary again by the next generation of games, movies, etc. in order to sell new expensive TV's to people that didn't need them.

That's fine, but let's hope "next-gen" occurs five years from now if what you're saying is true. That's about enough time for the price of these TV's to get low enough to be affordable, and enough time for a "best-case scenario" slow/minimal full-time job market recovery in the States. Not to mention hopefully a recovery in Europe considering the debt crisis that will result in large budget cuts, which always seem to result in losses of jobs.

Right now, I'm a little peeved that HDTV's rolled out not too long ago, and already they're looking to have us buy a set that's at least $2000 (as far as Bravia is concerned) for gaming. I know that gaming pushes tech along some times, and this PS3 3D stuff is probably intended to be a "Rich People Exclusive!" for a while, but right now this is just plain gouging the consumer. There's no reason for prices to be that insane.

But your prediction, "...a lot of people will be 3DTVs" is pretty awesome. Like, if we were the TV's themselves. Maybe they ate our brains and we became TV-headed zombies in 2015. I'd just play Doctor Who marathons. The old ones, remade in 33333DDDDD!!!!

Toolster3108d ago

Hi Guys

I know this is off topic but can anyone log onto the playstation store tonight?

van-essa3108d ago

it's under maintenance, try tomorrow.

Toolster3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

thanks mate have a bubble

got this message "this service is not available in your country/region"

My little girl has been messin with my PS3 so thought she may have done something

Sorry for off topic guys

The Wood3108d ago

no go apologise to your little girl....I bet you were cussing;)

gtsentry3108d ago

its down for maintenance getting getting redy for 3d,supposed tu b up round 8:30

Zydake3108d ago

Eastern time pacific time?

lightningsax3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Zydake, it's always Pacific Time! The US is nothing but California to most tech companies, especially if their home base is in Japan. Or California.

Well, I guess if that 8:30 time is meant for just gtsentry and not the official announcement, that makes sense.

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