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Sony listing PS3 priced from $199, just in time for Playstation Move?

Upon checking Sony's brand new website which showcases all its 3D compatible devices, MaxConsole were amazed to see that the landing page stated that the PS3 starts from $199.99. Upon clicking the 'banner', MaxConsole did not see any PS3 priced at $199.99 so there is a chance this could be an error, but it would be a pretty BIG error for Sony's offical 3D website to make (Contrastingly, the older 'blu-ray' compatible page has the PS3 starting from $299.99). Likewise, the PS3 is calling for a price-cut considering the price of the Wii and the arrival of Playstation Move. It seems there is every chance the PS3 may get its own very own budget model without a huge hard drive for this $199.99 price point. Keep reading and click on the thumbnail image for all the proof. (Culture, Industry, PS3)

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xTruthx  +   1661d ago
They could barely hold to ps3's at 300 bucks, imagine 200 bucks :/
playstation_clan  +   1661d ago | Well said
people would go crazy
it'll be November 2006 all-over again
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1661d ago
This price drop alone would be enough to boost the economy two times what it was when Clinton was president!

YES! THIS IS IT! wait, i'm freaking out over nothing again.
WhittO  +   1661d ago
No way it could go that cheap! But WOW if it did haha.

MS would **** themselves if the PS3 was as cheap as their console, the PS3 is already outselling them WW each month even though it is the more expensive option.

Maybe $199 for PSP2?
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wxer  +   1661d ago
if this is true
i think MS that rumor saying the MS is killing the 360 well be true too
HolyOrangeCows  +   1661d ago
I like how they don't include a URL or even a mention as to the specified site.
Dark-Angel09  +   1661d ago
I found this

It has the PS3 price $199.99 at the bottom.
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OSU_Gamer  +   1661d ago
Wait Wait Wait.....When MS drops the price, its because they are desperate and have nothing left to do, now that Sony does it...they are going for the kill?

Didn't Sony just announce that they are finally making money on the PS3? First, why would they cut the price now that they are making money...Second, if they truly did cut the price and are now losing money for every system, wouldn't that mean they are doing it for another reason besides "going for the kill".


I'm not unhappy, because I need a slim to replace my release PS3, but this doesn't make sense to me.
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wages of sin  +   1661d ago
When Clinton was president...
And had a Republican controlled house and senate. Don't get it twisted.
bioshock1221  +   1661d ago
I doubt it's true. Didn't they just barely started making money on the PS3 in march. So why would they risk losing money all over again. But if it were true then I would expect it to catch up to the Wii especially if it have the move bundled with it.
poopface1  +   1661d ago
that would be crazy
but I clicked on it(where it says starting at 199 and it doesnt have a ps3 listed a 199.99. Under bluray players it lists PS3 as starting at 299 also.

I dont thisn they would doo this since they are having trouble keeping up with demand.

that would be crazy if they did drop the price tho. Semms to me that they dont need to as 3d movies/games seem to be adding a great selling point for ps3 at its current price.
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Shadow Flare  +   1661d ago
does the ps3 really need a price cut? Its been selling out for months now. However if you want to get the casuals when Move releases, this is the way to do it
Darrius Cole  +   1661d ago
There was a Republican controlled House and Senate under the second President Bush as well; you see what that did for the economy. Don't get it twisted.

Back on topic. A $199 PS3 would god-stomp, but it sounds too good to be true.
Anarki  +   1661d ago

Sony and Microsoft don't intend on making profit from selling the console alone, but selling software is where they pull in their profits. Why else would they put out a console that was losing them cash per sale..
nycredude  +   1661d ago
Guys if you apply for a Sonycard CC and buy anything 299.00 and up on the website with it then you get $100 credit. That is how you can get a Ps3 for $199. This offer has been around for ages. I used it to buy my nephew a Ps3.
Comet  +   1661d ago
No way!
A $50 price cut sounds believable... but $100 off??? I don't think so.

If the PS3 will truly be $200, then it's definite that the PS3 will finally outsell the 360 for total worldwide sometime in 2011. It's only a matter of time now.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1661d ago
Thank you.

You're probably right.
nunley33  +   1661d ago
when clinton was president
wages of sin has it all twisted. clinton had a democrat controlled house and senate until 1994 and that was the only thing that saved him from himself and got him re-elected.
UltraNova  +   1660d ago
If this actually happens MS will be forced to immediately do the same (price cut)and re-schedule the xbox 720 release date to 2011 if not earlier. Competing with the PS3 at 200 bucks will kill them as the 5 million gap will vanish in a matter of months.

I m not trying to be Pachter here but hey when he comes out saying this you know were u heard it first :p

@ Shodow flare

'does the ps3 really need a price cut? Its been selling out for months now. However if you want to get the casuals when Move releases, this is the way to do it'

A price cut is always needed by customers at least.

And you hit the nail right on the head, if they think that casual gamers will shell out 300 for the console and I don't know how much more to get at least 3 more Move bundles, then I think they are dead wrong!

What they want is to avoid a potential buyers price comparison. What i mean is that a buyer, a casual one, will go into the shop and see the Wii the PS3 Move and Natal.

The wii is priced at 199 (if not less after E3) the PS3 with one Move contr at 300 and NAtal the same.

There's a good chance they dont know as much as your average bro on N4G and just say ' Hmm, this Wii here has like a billion games for its motion controllers, these PS3 and 360 are 100 bucks more and they have like 5 games each, hmmm...'

You know the rest.

They need to be aggressive price-wise first and then with the content. Sony knows best post 2006...
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drummerx2709  +   1660d ago
@ 1.1.5 Dark-Angel
I think its just a big mistake, but it would be awesome if it were true. When you click on the "Blu-Ray Disc Players" tab next to the PS3 tab at the bottom of your link, it says PS3 Systems starting at $299.99
darkride66  +   1660d ago
Yeah, I think it's a misprint.
But there's no doubt in my mind that if this were true it would be game over for the console wars. Sony would walk away with it with a $200 PS3.
LordMarius  +   1661d ago
if this is true, sales are going to skyrocket, it might end up catching up to the Wii

but its probably an error
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SOAD  +   1661d ago
Sony can't afford to sell the PS3 at a loss again. If they're barely making a profit on the hardware now, dropping the retail price another hundred bucks will boost sales and put Sony in the red again. They're doing just fine at the current price and most importantly, they are making dough.
TheBest  +   1661d ago
They can afford to, and here's why:

- Sony drop the price to $199 just in time for the release of Move and 3D.
- Sony promote purchasing 3DTVs and Move with the new low priced PS3.
- Sony release GT5 (and other games) with 3D and Move support at the same time (and implement it into popular older titles such as MLB10).
- Sony sell a bunch of Move's and 3DTVs at a profit and recoup the loss (and most likely more) on the PS3.
- Sony sell a cr*p load of gaming software as well, making even more profit.
- Sony introduces Premium PSN to this new (and old) customer base. Sony make even more money.

You see, they can afford to lose a measly amount on the PS3 if it means consumers will be buying 3DTVs, Move, Premium PSN and Sony software.

Profits could be huge. COULD, of course.
Jazz4108  +   1661d ago
Ps3 can't do a bare bones model without a harddrive since almost every game has a mandatory install. Hell evena 120 gig systems memory gets eaten up real quick
D4RkNIKON  +   1661d ago
It begins!! Sony is playing Hard Ball now!
badz149  +   1661d ago
and M$
is playing the red balls! /jk
Voozi  +   1660d ago
leaving all of us with blue balls
Imperator  +   1661d ago
PS3 @ $199 will undoubtedly destroy everything in it's path. Even the haters have to know that's true.
La Chance   1661d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
MNicholas  +   1661d ago
Probably an error
They're having a hard enough time supplying enough PS3s at $300.

If it's real and they've figured out additional manufacturing capacity with the new low cost boards then there are a few reasons why Sony would intentionally take a loss on hardware.

1) They finally figured out that the real money is in 3DTVs and Blu-Ray and see the PS3 as a way to encourage sales of 3DTVs, 3D Blu-Ray movies and $100 3D glasses.

2) 360 has been struggling for a long time (Dead last in total sales since launch of PS3 and Wii) and Sony wants to drive the final nails in it's coffin.

3) Finally catch up with the Wii in monthly sales.

4) Lower the price of the base hardware in the hopes of selling multiple glowing "Move" controllers and accessories.
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Allelujah00  +   1661d ago
Yea It's a typo.
I mean I went to the website and hit the discover tab and scrolled down to 3D world created by Sony and scrolled down to the bottom of the page and it did indeed say 199. HOWEVER, when I cliked on it it showed the same 299 price tag for the regular 120GB slim.

Unless Sony is planning on releasing a 60GB slim at E3(Which is highly likely) then it's just a typo.
ApexHell  +   1661d ago
could have been holding ps3 shipments back for this. i know nintendo did it once in 2007.
krouse93  +   1661d ago
The difference in Hard Drive size probably only costs Sony $1-$2 max it won't really have a big effect on the price.

But now that Sony has been able to have the RSX graphics chip in the PS3 reduced in size to 40nm by Nvidia they should now be able to make the PS3's bellow the $300 dollars they sell for.

So even if Sony does end up selling at a loss it is because they are going to regain it all.

They will profit off the software especially since they have an onslaught of AAA games just announced and going to be announced at E3 next week!
ravinash  +   1660d ago
Why would they be holding back shipments for this?
I'm sure they would like to sell as many PS3s at the higher price as they can before the price drop.
jwatt  +   1661d ago
Sony will not drop the price if they can't even keep the ps3 in stock!
Boody-Bandit  +   1661d ago
If this is true
Sony wont be able to keep up with the demand. They will do Wii-like, or even better than, numbers. A price cut with GT5 hitting the shelves soon? It will be unreal.

I will pick up a couple more if they do. If the rumors about PSN+ are true it would be a blast to have a few located around my house and be able to game where I want without having to hook up a system to a display.
Jamegohanssj5  +   1661d ago
Now it makes sense why Sony could afford to announce all of their games before E3.

RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1661d ago
niceguywii60  +   1661d ago
Sony will not have to do this until Natal starts pushing too many 360's, even then we would see a $50 drop before $100 lol typoOo. There are no ps3 shortages based from demand I've had serveral EB game shops tell me Sony cut shipments due to new hardware revisions a while back. PS3 has already had too many drops and or sku swaps $200 worth of drops in less than a year would not make sense. I bet they will be considering a smaller cut after Natal has been on the market after a month or two though.Y
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shoddy  +   1661d ago
That would be a nuclear strike. End game.
I would buy another one for my living room.
Briefcase Joe  +   1661d ago
I think it's only $199 when you sign up for a Sony credit card and use the $100 they add to your account.
patterson  +   1661d ago
That sounds about right. I opened a Sony Visa last year that had the same promotion.
raztad  +   1661d ago
$200? extremely doubtful. People think Sony is a charity foundation. It may be $250 just in time for Christmas as Comet says
PR0X1  +   1661d ago
huh I tought 360 was waaaaay more expensive?
ps3 fanboys... I keep laughing at you.

When you point out that 360 costs double. But now you say wow 360 is dirt cheap and ps3 costs double...

I say double standards ;p
badz149  +   1661d ago
what? are you drunk?
PR0X1  +   1661d ago
Please check the comments

HAHAHAH @ PS3 fanboys
MysticStrummer  +   1661d ago
Well PROX1...
I checked the link you provided below to back up your nonsensical comment. It's confirmed... you are an idiot. Lay off the glue sniffing for five minutes or so.
Jack Klugman  +   1660d ago
He is an idiot because he points out the double standard hypocrisy of you lot? yeah, what an idiot!

Look in the mirror you fools!

"My 360 cost me $399
4 years of LIVE $200 ( if I dared to pay to play)
And without HDMI and WIFI, and without counting my two next purchases after the RROD
Its price is...$599 without Blue Ray. The same exact price I payed for my PS3 at launch and I havent pay anymore. Not even to play online. I didnt count accesories because they are optional. I post this because its just ironic how the 360 fanboys keep telling themselves the 360 was cheaper. Anyway I dont regret buying them both, but I DO love my PS3 more. It has bringed me the best gaming this gen. Only Gears on 360 its all I want. "

Just one of many examples in the thread he posted.
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princejb134  +   1661d ago
@ xTruthx
how do u know this?
do you work for sony
i believe not so stfu
mal_tez92  +   1661d ago
If this is true
Then here in Australia it will go from $450 down to roguhly $300. IF it does, I'll buy a second one without thinking.
BattleAxe  +   1661d ago
I bet it will be a 40 GIG PS3 Slim. If so then I'm all in.
SaiyanFury  +   1661d ago
My third 60GB model conked out on me last year. I still have my 80GB model going strong, but I've been thinking about getting a replacement system for my 60GB. I'm at the point where I can just hook up my PS2 to my HDTV and play games on it. I don't really care about the BC anymore. If they do lower the price to 200 dollars where I can add my own larger HDD at a later date, that would be a very attractive deal for me.
vhero  +   1661d ago
If they went that cheap MS would really start to have trouble.. The first price drop hurt them in terms of sales by a ratio of 1:10 in a month was it? Imagine them dropping this cheap?? MS will obviously have to drop the Elite to match it but will it be enough?? I don't think it will..
whoelse  +   1660d ago
I can see them cutting the price to $250, but a $100 saving is a long way, considering it wont save them much money having a smaller hard drive.

Unless all the components are made out of straw!
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sikbeta  +   1660d ago

PS3 @ $200 and This Gen will be owned by Sony Again like with the PS1 & PS2, so everything like last Gen will repeat itself With The PS3 this Gen...
Rook101  +   1659d ago
Confirmed as fake Maxconsole news as expected:


Wish they would have labeled it as a Rumor instead of News per N4G's editorial guidelines.
Kain81  +   1661d ago
Joni-Ice  +   1661d ago
And the croud goes wild.
PirateThom  +   1661d ago
On one side, it makes sense... Sony need to make the console affordable to attract the casual crowd and they can't do that with a $299 console compared to the competition...

On the other, Sony only recently started making a meagre profit on the consoles, a $100 price slash? Seems very, very steep.
nickjkl  +   1661d ago
your epoint sonys going to be selling this console for 5-6 years tops as long as they make games for it people will come

but i know my mom is gonna be mad they dropped the price 6 months after i bought that dam thing

edit never mind she made me pay for it and she bought the game
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Lucreto  +   1661d ago
Well they are starting a premium service so there is another source of revenue to make up for some losses on a lower price.

It would explain a shortage in machines as they are holding on to them for a cut.

But as the articles said it is a mistake.
Oner  +   1661d ago
@ Lucreto ~ "they are starting a premium service so there is another source of revenue to make up for some losses on a lower price."

That actually sounds quite a bit plausible...IF this turns out to have merit.
boodybandit  +   1661d ago
Good point PT
That definitely makes sense.
cgoodno  +   1661d ago
Just FYI, Sony has made a profit on Hardware sales since the release of the new model. The problem is that the profits didn't offset their marketing costs (i.e. Kevin Butler commercials and the such), so in the quarterly reports it shows as an operating loss.

Sony explicitly cited with the release of the $299 PS3, they were making more money on each one and were not losing money on any of them.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   1661d ago
Dude, you're forgotting the important stuff.
And the important stuff is...

5 bubbles!!!
#4.4.1 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Oner  +   1661d ago
cgoodno was actually one of the first (if not THE first) I ever saw after the N4G 2.0 update with 4 bubbles so it makes sense he is the first for me to see again with 5
#4.4.2 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Fishy Fingers  +   1661d ago
Starting from... I wouldnt be surprised if it's part of a deal, say with a new 3D TV or something.
goodfellas27  +   1661d ago
I think you're right.
Boody-Bandit  +   1661d ago
That would be fine by me
I am just waiting for the right deal to pick up a 3D display. If they throw a PS3 into the mix that would definitely sweeten the deal for me to jump into the 3D world of gaming.
Alcon Caper  +   1661d ago
That would actually be a pretty good idea. And a good way to move those 3D TVs.

But there aren't even any 3D movies out right now, you know...

The only one is Monsters Inc.

They even delayed Avatar for a second theater release...
yippiechicken  +   1661d ago
I agree with you
but isn't it Monsters vs Aliens that's in 3d?
Alcon Caper  +   1661d ago
My mistake, Monsters vs. Aliens, not Monsters Inc.

Still...just one movie that's currently available to the market is pretty sketchy if you're trying to showcase the technology...
badz149  +   1661d ago
I like the way you think! that might be true. we know that they had the Bravia deal in Australia. This might be a good move (pun intended) to promote their 3D HDTV lineups.
BattleAxe  +   1661d ago
I'm actually in the market for a new TV. I jumped on board when HD 720p first came out, now I want to upgrade. 1080p TVs are going for pretty cheap now though.
basicsameh514  +   1661d ago
would this have anything to do with the xbox 360 slim rumors?
edit: seems like a mistake nothing to get your hopes up but if it is true it will be a heck of a deal
edit#2: sorry lol but is the bluray player 180$ maybe it is ture
#6 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
sjaakiejj  +   1661d ago
Hope so..
I want a Ps3, but I decided to wait till after E3 in case of a pricecut
422185  +   1661d ago
PS3 is already kicking @SS at its current price, Imagine a price cut!
TheOracle  +   1661d ago
well it was to be expected. Thats why they removed a TON of features from the original. They need to do something before the launch of Playstation Move. Otherwise it will be dead in the water and another big embarrassment for Sony
AK46  +   1661d ago
And you call yourself TheOracle. lol
Doc Sony  +   1661d ago
Lol, 360 is finished then.

basicsameh514  +   1661d ago
@doc Sony
natal + xbox 360 slim ring a bell?
pwnsause  +   1661d ago
"natal + xbox 360 slim ring a bell?"
yes it does,


it rings disaster for the bots, GG hardcore games on the Xbox

Next stop, Dance Dance Reovlution: Halo Edition

Related video
Adaminy  +   1661d ago
unless they're selling the 360 slim + natal for $180 the ps3 at $200 will still outsell it. only hardcore gamers are waiting for a "360 slim"(myself included). but hell, anyone looking for a blu-ray player will be directed straight towards a ps3. the average consumer will buy it for the blu-ray feature and will cream themselves when they find out their children can game on it too lol if it DOES goes to $200, i'm buying another ps3 for my living room.
Dance  +   1661d ago
sony drop the price to 199 they will be the ones that finished cause they are barely profiting on the ps3 as it is
Sony Fiend  +   1661d ago
You're only finished when your investors come knocking at your door demanding you exit the console race.
Focker420  +   1661d ago
Sony have already said they don't expect profits from the PS3 itself. They expect the profits from software sales. Now would be a perfect time for the price drop. With the launch of their new 3D TV's and the 3D update tomorrow. Its an excellent tactic to get people into 3D. Plus with Move coming this fall trying to sell a $300 console plus the peripheral would've been a bad idea. So with the combination of the Move & their 3D TV's the price cut would be inevitable. So why not do it a few short months sooner?
bjornbear  +   1661d ago
ever occur to you they wouldn't drop it to 199 if they wouldn't make profit?
i mean, your comment must be one of the most stupid ever in the history of PS3 trolling.

and trust me, Sony execs are NOT as stupid as thou

i'd rather consider this FAKE or a FLUKE than real and sony is just being dumb

if it IS real, its because they are certain it will work, otherwise i see no purpose for such a risk durin a crisis.
#10.2.3 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
bjornbear  +   1661d ago
360 isn't finished because of this
sure, more competition, but not finished

+ if 360 left the market = less competition = less quality from sony

i may not be a 360 fan, but to wish it gone is stupid and illogical

i doubt even Sony themselves want the 360 or MS gone, so why the hell would you? (because you are a )
#10.3 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   1661d ago
Must be an error. The PS3 is not even 4 years old. Its too early for Sony to drop the price down to $199.

If its true then I am not surprise if the rumor of MS killing the xbox is true.
Focker420  +   1661d ago
I really do believe this is the kill shot. What a perfect time since all the focus is currently on them for E3. I think the announcement of another price cut (since its inevitable) will literally blow the lid of of the place.
on your back   1661d ago | Spam
yoghurt  +   1661d ago
Could be wrong - but wasn't they saying they use a new chipset now or something? so maybe cheaper parts, small hard drive version? would be a great move for sure with the massive line up of games coming up
yewles1  +   1661d ago
Too soon for a price drop. Wait till September.
KilZoneGeneralStrife  +   1661d ago
three words.
saimcheeda  +   1661d ago
Bad idea
They just got in the point of break even and havent made a profit, taking a price cut will be too risky. If i was the head I wouldn't go through it!
TheJudgement  +   1661d ago
I call
BS or typo if Sony drops the ps3 to 199 this fall then BB XBOX and Sony will catch nintendo in no time.
#17 (Edited 1661d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ILLINOIS  +   1661d ago
Think sometimes
The best things in life are not the best sellers. The PS3 is for those with the means to afford some of the finer things in life. Poor people bought the 360 and if the PS3 drops to $199.00 then those poor 360 owners can save up and take out a loan and buy one. Without a nice HDTV what is the sense of having a PS3 though? So poor 360 owners there just is no hope for you. Stay with your cheap system and cheap tv. I don't know what is like to watch a non blu ray movie anymore. How sad to watch a dvd on a cheap tv. How said to pay to play online. How sad for so many reasons that you already know.
raptorjacob  +   1661d ago
idk about this one. it looks like a typo to me. but it would be smart to bundle the move and ps3 together for a lower price than buying them separately
Mike134nl  +   1661d ago
Hope it's true, but hope they won't sacrifice any futures (smaller hard drive).
But following logic it might be a little bit too soon too drop the price so soon since we already know the ps3 has a 10 year life span and has a very goog line-up of games.

Furthermore sony probably also wants too make a profit and they aren't desperate, but having that said they seem very willing too push 3-d gaming on their televisions, audio sets and of course their blue ray discs. The shop all button seems on the picture seems to agree with me.
jjesso1993  +   1661d ago
Simple 360 would die and ms would sure needc to rebrand asap get slim xbox or start next gen off this might just kill the wii
gamingisnotacrime  +   1661d ago
Can they afford to do this????
Perkel  +   1661d ago
and after you click it there is only 299 and 245 ... it's an error on site ..
Tony-A  +   1661d ago
If it ever gets announced at E3 that the PS3 will drop to $200, THAT would clearly be the biggest announcement there.

I'm sure no one is expecting it to drop again after they dropped it less than a year ago and is having trouble meeting demand.

360 Slim? That's been a rumor since before the PS3 Slim was announced and is expected by a lot of journalists.

PSP2? Same as the 360 Slim, although not as sure.
Adaminy  +   1661d ago
sony will stomp some MAJOR nintendo and ms ass if this turns out to be real.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__  +   1661d ago
R.I.P xBox 360... ;-P
Sneak-Out  +   1661d ago
Thats a Mistake, at the next Step the PS3 costs 299$ ... see here:

notmushroom  +   1661d ago
Would be a smart move, thats for sure. This will be interesting..
BeastModeYMOB  +   1661d ago
I have an inside buddy that said "we do not comment on rumor or speculation". Just don't think i'm going to try & prove sh!t to u guys.
AK46  +   1661d ago
I don't need an inside connection to know that, since Sony has been saying that all along.
djsean  +   1661d ago
WOW. Microsoft better have a good response, if not, PS3 gonna be leading the market in no time if they will sell it for that price.

Go PS3!
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