Sony: More PS3 Users Connected to HD TVs than 360 Users

Microsoft may have been the first HD-enabled system to launch this generation, but they aren't the leading platform when it comes down to their users using HD TVs.

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MightyMark4273107d ago

Of course, cuz Sony is starting the 3D thing

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evilmonkey5013107d ago

No, not really.It probably has something to do with bluray though. 3d isn't even available "yet", you silly.

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Elimin83107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

You can deal with this (PS3) or you can deal with that (360) you can deal with this (PS3) or you can deal with that (360) you can deal with this (PS3) or you can deal with that (360) I will deal with this (PS3).... Cause that's where HD"s @....

Couldn't help it.. Song's stuck in my head.... lol.

Oner3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

I prefer the Blacksheep 1991 original version but FBS is still great.

secksi-killer3107d ago

so when you connect to the PSN, does it give sony info on what telly you are using? or when im playing killzone2, do they know i'm playing on 40" fullHD samsung??

im interested in knowing this. then i want to know how they know how many 360s are connected to HD tvs?

i dont know what to make of this in honesty

bunfighterii3106d ago

market research.

Typically they'll pay an independent company to conduct a poll, where they'll get samples of 360 owners and PS3 owners.

That's what we do at my work.

RageAgainstTheMShine3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

and also its because of the Blu-ray player no brainer.

And blu-ray and PS3 are synonymous terms with HD.

I mean just one look at the PS3 and the word HD just screams from it!

Focker4203107d ago


HDTV's are not 3D TV's. This has nothing to do with 3D.

I think it has something more to do with 360 users being cheap. It is considered the poor-man's console afterall.

darthv723106d ago

You figure with the 360 the user has a choice which would make the system more flexible in the sense that you could game in sd or hd and watch movies in sd or hd upscaled.

You really dont have that choice on the ps3. Yes you could game and watch in sd but really....who would want to? Thus the only real option for the ps3 is an hdtv.

I am reminded of a clip that plays all the time at target in their electronics dept. "Without bluray...your hdtv is just a tv." The flipside could be like this. Without hdtv your bluray is just a dvd.

Not to mention that the amount of sd tv's out there outnumber the hd ones by an insurmountable number. People buying a 360 can use what they have. People buying a ps3 NEED hdtv but then again, if they have 360 too then they can enjoy both is hd.

badz1493106d ago

I just hope Greenburg won't come out or tweet or even do anything to counter THIS!

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VegaShinra3107d ago

Everyone should have HD awesome-sauce

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dc13107d ago

Very funny.. if you don't mind.. I will be using the term " awesome-sauce" in the near future. :)

dangert123107d ago

lol the funny thing is i ain't got a hd tv i'm getting a projector a hd one in the coming months.but my ps3 is hooked up to the biggest tv in my house

StixRemix3107d ago

Considering the blu ray factor, I think that's understandable.

MattyF3107d ago

Probably one of the main factors behind this reason.

OpenGL3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I got my first PS3 when I purchased my first TV with HDMI in 2007, and I wanted a Blu-ray player for my new TV.

The only reason I waited to purchase the PS3 and purchased the 360 first was that my previous HDTV only had component and was only capable of 1080i/480p, which forced some PS3 games that were 720p / 480p only into the lower resolution.

This is not as much of an issue now as I have multiple 1080p displays, and most developers are supporting 1080i on the PS3.

MxShade3107d ago

Makes sense to me - I always think of HD more with PS3 anyway.

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