Craigslist ad wants to trade you a dragon for a PSP GO

People don’t want to pay real money for a PSP Go, but that doesn’t make them undesirable. They’re still a gorgeous piece of tech and a better, more portable PSP system. So I suppose if you’ve got an extra dragon laying around (because, you know, dragons make for great alternative currency) you might as well offer it up on the internet in exchange for a Go, just like one Wichita, KS native has done on Craigslist.

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N4GAddict3108d ago

PSP GO gets bashed a lot. It is actually a decent device.

MiamiACR3108d ago

"Decent" was the problem with the PSPGO, they could have made it great and included maybe another analog stick that everyone was begging for since day one, and honestly I was excited when I heard about it going through major changes.But no, they had to take away the UMD drive away like morons and try to force a digital only experience meaning you'd have to buy all your shit all over again and have to buy it online no less which most people surprisingly don't have yet. And that my friend is bullshit, and part of the reason it gets bashed.

Heartnet3107d ago

Cud of added another analog stick! how developers would have to code the game twice to meet control demands!

Gah i hate people who say that they need to learn that that could never happen!

darkdoom30003108d ago

They cant put an analouge stick on it- it would split the market. you'll start seeing PSPgo exclusive games.

The PSPgo is not a PSP2, never meant to be. It's better than the PSP3000, but its way too expensive.

Ditch the UMD, Ya know the PSP2? It's going to have a larger physical media, or only DD. So all your UMD games are going to be useless. your downloaded PSN games will be safe, as you can just re-download on the PSP2.

People complained about B/C being removed from PS3, and that's a home console- you could easily have both (ps3 and 3) hooked to your TV. You arent going to carry both PSP and PSP2.

Its a friggin portable! I have 30 games on my memory stick at all times! how many UMD's are you really gonna carry at all times? 1 in the UMD drive. mabye a UMD carry case with 5 other?

-Also, the actual UMD is bigger than the PSPgo.(length) XD

booni33108d ago

is worth way more than the pspgo

Misterhbk3108d ago

As a device it looks amazing, and the truth is, when popsloader becomes available and I can play my can play my psx games on it, I'll probably upgrade from the slim that I have. I seriously love the look of it, but for purely playing PSP games there's no point to limit yourself from being able to play hard-disc copies AND downloadable copies AND pay extra money for it. Just saying.

RatFuker3108d ago

its a deal! ill just pull the dragon out of my pocket when the psp2 comes out and scare a little kid into giving me his psp hahaha

poopface13108d ago

my roomate used to have one, and it ate a pinky(baby mouse) and blood dripped from his mouth.... What a beast.

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The story is too old to be commented.