Meodia- PS3 Premium Service Rumor Roundup

We take a look at the recent rumors of possible content contained in a Premium Service on the PS3, along with the content users have been asking for since the console launch in 2006. All of the possibilities and speculations are contained within, like: Cross Game Chat, Playstation Cloud, Backwards Compatibility, Social Networking integreation, and much more...

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gfunkera103108d ago

Good article.

Covers pretty much all the major features people have wanted for years.

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

Now these are FEATURES I am willing to pay for. The ability to play online with friends however is not. I am glad Sony is doing the Premium service right, MS should take notes on how it's done.

dangert123108d ago

u get those on xbox with gold ;s

k-Lan3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Sony has been taking notes on how it's done for the last few years. It's about time they joined the party. Same goes for you since it seems like you're willing to pay for a better service now that Sony's offering it.

"MS should take notes on how it's done"

Sorry but i gotta LMAO!

I looked for a reason to bubble you down but "idiot" is not an option. hummm...

WhittO3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

this is about PSN, there's no need to bring Xbox Live into this.

There are a number of things Xbox Live still does not do, and things you have to pay for which you shouldn't have to, like facebook and twitter?! .. Really?

D4RkNIKON3108d ago

I was referring to the fact that Sony won't charge to play online but offer Features that are optional. Silver members of XBL should be able to play online and that is all there is to it.

WhittO3108d ago

You are right, it is awful that MS has gotten away with charging people to play games online, especially when they dont even provide dedicated servers for the games they publish like Sony does - For FREE

gfunkera103108d ago

Sony has a great advantage here, having been able to see the successes of Live and the things M$ has tried and failed on. We'll see if they can deliver.

KingME3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The entire article is solely based on speculation. Before you guys start blowing your wod all over N4G how about waiting into something is officially confirmed by Sony. Remember them, the people that actually has to do all the stuff the writer was dreaming about.

Man, why do people continue to echo the same things over and over again. Even when the person directly above them says something they repeat it again. Why?

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playstation_clan3108d ago

then playing with 12-year old in halo, while they making crude sexual jokes they heard in a pg-13 flim. Im just saying

Jamegohanssj53108d ago

This looks completely like that list that was leak months back.


dangert123108d ago

if playstation plus does come it will be the deciding factor on weather i renew me xbl gold next month or not

LordMarius3108d ago

Remember Sony we are still in a recession so price this right dont give us another PSPGo

jc485733108d ago

Especially with the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIV, I don't think people would complain much.

jjesso19933108d ago

would be really interested in paying for some of that Playstation Cloud is somthing would really like as long as it can back up copy protected saves. Bc I dont no about that what about the people who allready have bc they would need a discount faster downloads speeds is another big for me. all in all as long as they keep online free and dont start given people demos week after people that pay i would be all right about it.

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