Alttude Video Review - Explicit Gamer

Ever want to rule the skies as a first class ace pilot? Want to go on a bombing run without that pesky third dimension getting in the way? Well the fine folks at Nimbly Games may have what you are looking for. Check out the video below for the Explicit Gamer review of Altitude.

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TwistdKarma3029d ago

Looks to be a pretty interesting game and I am waiting for my next game from GameFly!

N4GAddict3029d ago

I hope it comes to consoles.

gameseveryday3029d ago

is this thing available on the PSN?

GUCommander3029d ago

The game is only available for the PC. It's made by an indie developer by the name of Nimbly Games.

halocursed3029d ago

I've been looking for a cheap multiplayer game. Maybe i'll check it out

cb8103029d ago

I don't play games on a PC, but it seems cool nonetheless

N4GAddict3029d ago

You are missing out on a lot of great games.

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