Will Animal Crossing be first 3DS game?

With the E3 around the corner it is only natural that tons of rumors occur. Will they be proven right? Recent news say that a Nintendo 3DS version of Animal Crossing could be one of the first 3DS games.

It is supposed to be hitting the market at the launch date of the Nintendo 3DS and only the E3 will show if it is true.

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portablegaming2931d ago

The polygon style graphics that they also used for the Wii version would be ideal for first simple 3D solutions.

Miroque22931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Man, i loved the DS-Version - THIS would be really nice as a launchtitel.. Can't wait for E3!

The 10th Rider2931d ago

I'd rather have Mario Kart, or Starfox... or Metroid Dread!

portablegaming2931d ago

Star Fox would also be a perfect 3D match. Like with the SNES 3DFX-Chip

Schneestern2931d ago

we will see : ) but it would be a nice launching title.

Miroque22931d ago

K.K. Slider rocks the next dimension... ^^ Perhaps there are connections between the 3DS- and the "old" Wii-Version?

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