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GUCommander3109d ago

Nice screens. Love how this one is turning out.

-GoldenTimeLover-3109d ago

Looking good. But I wonder if this is the main reason Nomura will attend E3.

sinncross3109d ago

Don't forget about Birth By Sleep. Considering that is the canon prequel which gets the original KH started, that game is going to get a push for the Western markets more so then a port of a spinoff title.

But I wonder if they added extras to the Ds version of Coded.

trounbyfire3109d ago

seriously why is this here,news,relevant

wwm0nkey3109d ago

if you actually read it, its new screenshots AND a logo, idiot.

trounbyfire3109d ago

nothing special a logo and Sora in the same position
not KH3 idiot

wwm0nkey3109d ago

wow you are blind if you didnt see the game screen shot, wow idiots on this site never stop amazing me.

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The story is too old to be commented.