PlayStation Move Title, The Fight, Will Have 3D Support

PushSquare: "Sony’s just announced at a pre-E3 press event in the US, that PlayStation Move title, The Fight, will fully support 3D when it ships. No word on a date or anymore details on how the 3D will work, but hey, Sony’s just practically announced virtual reality. Nice."

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HopSkotch2934d ago

A fighting game in 3d? That's crazy, imagine this game in 1st person O_O

D4RkNIKON2934d ago

This is how it's done. 3D will help it feel like you are actually punching, the Move controller recognizes 3d space so it only makes sense.

zootang2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

I hope it has good feedback (rumble) when a punch lands.

Just imagine

goodfellas272934d ago

I can't wait to play that. 3D know-out!

fooltheman2934d ago

the games is almost First person... ^^

playstation_clan2934d ago

ps3 does do everything. Im a believer

sikbeta2934d ago

WoW, that's Awesome, Since I saw this Game I want to Try it Out, now it's a Definitive Purchase...

arakouftaian2934d ago

Have my eyes on this game plus I have my eyes on the 3Dtvs

I hope the game
turn out to be good

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Tony-A2934d ago

I was hoping they would. Fighting games in 3D would probably work best out of all genres. Punches coming at you! They better include that in their commercials for The Fight.

Cevapi882934d ago

i could see EA taking this tech and running with it when new iterations of Fight Night come positive that the game will have both Move and Natal Support....3D would put it over the top...only problem is, not that many consumers will get to enjoy the experience due to the costs of manufacturing a 3D TV and then trying to get a profit on it

DoomeDx2934d ago


N4G is full of 3D articles now..

(im happy for the people who have a 3D..but seriously though, 99% of the PS3 community doesnt have a 3D TV)

DoomeDx2934d ago

Dude, it toke about 1,5 years until people started having HDTV's.

3DTV is even more expansive then an HDTV when it was new

sikbeta2934d ago

Don't worry Pal, this is Like The HD thing all over Again, you'll wait more to get one of This 3DTVS, but these things will be There by time you decide to buy one...

saint_john_paul_ii2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

that %99 will turn to a %70 after E3 then.

GiggMan2934d ago

This Fall you can add me to that minority...

fr0sty2934d ago

3dtv's are not more expensive than hdtv was when it was new. you can get a 3dtv for about $1500-2500, hdtv's when new were $2500 and up.

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karlowma2934d ago

This game needs to come with a big dirty dude who stands behind you while you play, and feeds you shots when you get hit in-game. That's immersion.

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