Sony: Devs have amazing ideas for Move including augmented reality, wait for E3

The creator of Playstation Move has recently been discussing how Sony arrived at making the Playstation Move. Describing it as all that is good with the EyeToy with the benefits of a game controller, the exec teased that developers have some amazing ideas for the device. Some of these ideas involve augmented reality games of which may well be revealed at E3 next week.

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Jamie Foxx3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

they have an extensive first party studio base, therefore do not need to take the microsoft route this e3 and paper over the cracks by making it all about motion controls and not about actual exclusive games

weve all seen the leaks i just hope theres some exclusive surprises...syphon filter wouldnt hurt :)

sourav933107d ago

Well Sony has already shown that they've got a lot of exclusive games coming up (KZ3, LBP 2, Socom, inFamous 2 ,etc).So maybe a bit of the move won't hurt either i think. What would be even more amazing is that they reveal some harcore exclusive games which cleverly use the Move. Something like they're doing withSocom, but im thinkng more FPS type. Lets see what happens.

LordMarius3107d ago

Im looking to see what that flashlight game is all about, hopefully it delivers

PoSTedUP3107d ago

how bout a nice online game of SLAPS hah, or rock paper scissors, or something a long the lines of direct hand to hand games over the internet. sounds like the possibility's are infinite. cant wait though, that boxing game looks responsive and accurate, and FUN. imagine: "hey friend in japan, wanna slap box on ps3?" yyyoooooooo that would be crazy.

rezzah3106d ago

Sony is going to have many other games to introduce and talk about aswell.

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Jack Klugman3107d ago ShowReplies(4)
rebirthofcaos3107d ago

the reason why I think the PSMove will be more succesfull than natal is that wii and Move are almost the same, unlike the natal. Natal it is complete different from Move and Wii.And most publishers will release more games on the two of them than Natal.

fooltheman3107d ago

I think we need to wait ^^

DarkSpawnClone3107d ago

you know i think your right Sony was talking about those younger kids that play on wii that when they get older will want some thing better and more mature so basically thats where Sony would come in with move, i think natal is cool and could be use with games in a great way but it doesn't seem hardcore enough i think the hype around it will make it sell but i don't think it will keep up,but we haven't really seen what ms can do,where we have seen what Sony can as of now i think move has the upper hand maybe that will all change at E3 i don't think so if it dose not by much Sony is right when they said you need buttons lol i know I'm defiantly going to pick up move once some great fps'ers get announced for it hopefully Killzone 3 will have it, well i know it will its too obvious i will actually be surprised if it doesn't.great thing about most games it let you use what ever controller you want move or the dual shock 3.

frankymv3107d ago

I think move will be extremely successful.

jack_burt0n3107d ago

survival horror with move and augmented reality i'm calling it!

Eddy2233106d ago

do you know what the name of that game is?? it was in the move trailer and idk, it just looks good.

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