Gaming in a Man's World: Study Quantifies Gender Relations in Halo 3

Bitmob community writer Meghan Ventura says: "News flash: Immature boys are mean to girls! Well, we already knew that, but findings from a study by Ohio University doctoral students Jeff Kuznekoff and Lindsey Rose explore just how mean."

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blizzard_cool3108d ago

Well no **** Sherlock, did they even think of what game community to research?
Try the LBP community, seriously, that has to be the nicest bunch of people I have ever met in any community (but there are some idiots like the spammers, non can be perfect).

No FPS has a nice community, well from my experience.

bbretterson3108d ago

They knew that the Halo community was harsh toward women. This study was about looking into what exactly the problems are and how they affect people.

blizzard_cool3108d ago

Well I don't know how much of a help that is, Halo 3 is known for it's bad community.

It's like someone walking into KKK and expecting tolerance. It's stupid...

Fanb0y3107d ago

COD is worse than Halo's. Trust me.

N4GAddict3107d ago

Yeah, haven't met a FPS community yet that wasn't full of racists.

wxer3107d ago Show
table3107d ago

Killzone 2 has an excellent community for an FPS game. Never heard a racist/sexist comment yet. I can imagine it being worse on xbox live, but that's probably down to the fact that every immature 12 year old has a headset. People really need to stop playing up the advantages of free headsets.

MexicanAppleThief3107d ago

Socom has a pretty helpful community, yes I know its not a FPS but its a shooter and the people there were pretty fantastic. When I played confrontation as a newb alot of people helped me out :)


I've heard racist or childish people on Killzone 2 but not very frequent as MW2 or Halo.

On MAG and BC2 I've heard more matured people to play and more tactical experience in my point of view.

In every Shooter Community will have something like that.

Focker4203107d ago

I agree. MAG is the most mature community I've ever played with. BC2, not so much, but definitely better than MW2.

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MiamiACR3107d ago

That just might be the most overweight spartan I've ever seen, should have worn the armor to cover up all the ugly, might not have fit in the picture though.

JamesDeRosa3108d ago

Even more reasons for me to not play Halo.

N4GAddict3107d ago

I'm not surprised with the results.

The BS Police3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I have ran into alot of great people in Halo 2 and Halo 3 who are tolerant of others and that includes women. Unfortunately as is the case with the Internet as a whole, the bad always outweigh the good.

I am glad that in Halo 3 I have the option to mute every single player that is always disruptive and is intolerant to others due to their race, religion, gender, or nationality.

The problem is not restricted to halo 3, it is not restricted to Xbox Live, it is not restricted to the Playstation Network, and it most definitely is not restricted to specific Internet forums.

The Internet and the ability to remain anonymous while being a dick to others is the problem.

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