IGN: FIFA 11 First Look

"Listening to criticism is something they do very well," EA Sports chief and life-long Liverpool fan Peter Moore says of the team behind FIFA, the football game that has gone on to become one of this generation's most highly acclaimed sports game. "I love the fact they have two good things and five bad things. That's always the way that this team, under Kaz [Makita], Gary [Paterson] and [David] Rutter, has done things."

It's to the series' credit that, last October, finding faults with FIFA was a much harder task than ever before; a culmination of the well-documented journey that EA Sports has taken the series from its wilderness years to its position as a critical and commercial phenomenon, FIFA 10 was a superb slice of simulation – and easily the game that's consumed more lunch hours than any other in the IGN UK office.

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