HookedGamers preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2

HookedGamers writes: "Beaches, cars, and mansions, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is racing to consoles with new innovation for the racing genre. The original developers, Eden Games, have returned to fine tune their racing series, promising more features than ever before. Taking a note from the various massive multiplayer games that are dominating the market, Test Drive Unlimited 2 hopes to allow players the kind of customization that has yet to be seen in racing games. Stunning new features, exotic cars, and a fully realized new location show that Eden Games is pushing hard to compete in the already packed racing genre."

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earbus3111d ago

Looking forward to this more than gt5 blur has been great and f1 coming sweet all i need is dice to do a new rally sport challenge.

ian723111d ago

I'm looking forward to GT5 mostly, F1 and Test Drive are on my radar though.