New Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot released, teases E3 reveals

Square Enix have just announced their E3 2010 line-up via a press release sent out to people including RPG Site, but in that press release was a small surprise - a single all-new screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV, showing off a character facing off against a huge fire demon.

This is likely a screenshot from a new trailer for E3 2010, as it's from a scene we've not seen before.

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borisfett3108d ago

I wonder if this can finally topple WoW. It certainly *looks* the part.

AP3108d ago

FF11 always was very very popular in the East anyhow. Looking forward to seeing this at E3! If anyone has any questions for the staff, let me know!

SubZero3108d ago

This screen shot is supa F'in old atleast 2mths

deafwing3108d ago

but yea ...standard stuff like

- length of the game
- how much will it cost for service, or service plans (if any, free,monthly yearly if they go that route)
- summons, combat, characters, guilds, guild wars??
- details on magic system etc
- will I need to make a square account (I hope note, I hated MGS Online approach to MP and it could make/break my purchase decision).

bangoskank3108d ago

I think I'm one of the few people who actually preferred FFXI over WoW. I never got into the latter.
Can't wait for FFXIV.

Reibooi3108d ago

This screen is REALLY old. It's been on the official site for XIV for quite awhile.

Anyway I'm hoping we get some good news about the game at E3. I would like to see the game being played at the Sony press conference just so people can see it running on PS3. I would also like more info about when the Beta will expand and if the game is gonna meet it's 2010 release date or if it needs to be delayed. There is ALOT I would like to know at this point in time.

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nikkisixx23108d ago

Nothing will topple WoW, it has too much momentum and a new expansion coming out. FF14 looks good so far though.

Reibooi3108d ago

It has no momentum. The game has a MASSIVE player base but the players are slowly starting to leave. Blizzard already said the game hasn't grown player wise in about 2 years. They also said most people who play quit rather quickly. At this point the only reason WoW is staying alive is because of the MASSIVE player base it had to begin with. The game can sustain itself for quite awhile even if people start to leave en mass simply because there are so many people playing it.

Stunt3108d ago

That's an old screenshot. It was released last in December year.

Prcko3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

this looks EPIC :ooo
can't w8 to see more!

SubZero3108d ago

Lol disagree all you want go to the official site and look at the screen shots they have there....Its been there for months.

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