4 Overlooked E3 Games That Could Be Great

A few games I noticed that looked quite good on the E3 games list but were not as popular as others.

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ian723107d ago

Not really interested in any of those games at the moment, more trailers and gameplay videos may change my mind.

N4GAddict3107d ago

Yeah, I need more information to see if they are worth it.

Bobbykotickrulesz3107d ago

Elder Scrolls V.

If you've noticed, I say this in almost every E3 article. Guess which game I want announced? If you guessed Two Worlds 2, you'd be right.

kunit22c3107d ago

the Shoot? Is this article kidding?
it looks like a crappy rails shooter, sorry but I just dont think they're fun at all!
Rocket knight could be alright.
Naughty bear.. lol maybe..?
Splatter house.. eh.. not into the screamo emo stuff, I think ill just stick to GOW3...

Darkstorn3107d ago

Somehow I just don't see 'Naughty Bear' scoring anything higher than a 6/10...

N4GAddict3107d ago

Didn't Rocket Knight came out already?

DA_SHREDDER3107d ago

Definitely looking forward to Splatterhouse. I loved the Turbo Graphix 16 version very much. Just seen a trailer for the new one yesterday, must say its up there with the best of them

Aphe3107d ago

I put plenty of ten p's in this game when I was a kid. I'm not sure about the sequel though, could go either way. Need to hear more about it really.

EXID3107d ago

they could all get perfect scores from every website, along with player reviews, and i STILL wouldn't care about any of them.

Aphe3107d ago

So if they turned out to be great games you wouldn't buy them? What kind of gamers logic is that?

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