Analyst: Despite Motion Control, 3D Hardware, E3 2010's All About Software

Online, motion control and 3D are the "three pillars of growth" that will stand out at this year's E3, says Lazard Capital Markets Colin Sebastian -- who says that software showings might actually turn out to steal the show.

With the industry buckled in for an uncommonly long hardware cycle, it's iteration, not overhaul that's the theme. In that respect, Nintendo hardware looks to have the least life ahead of it, and according to the analyst that's drawn some doubters.

Expect a "Wii refresh" by 2011, he says, but for now, Nintendo's big "wow factor" at the show will be the 3DS. But with a launch months away, "we believe the company’s fortunes this year will depend more on new first party software in the pipeline, such as Zelda and Metroid," says the analyst.

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Coffin873108d ago

Oh God seriously what a statement....
"Despite the 2 biggest hardware developments in the last 2 years and maybe a PSP2, the biggest video gaming show is still about software."
Seriously, a 2-year-old could have said that.
I HATE these "analysts", these self-proclaimed experts. Why don't they just spare the whole internet their mighty knowledge..

I know we're in the biggest E3 hype stage, and there are people who just suck every article up, but come on ... there's got to be some limit.

Focker4203108d ago

This is what I've been telling everyone for months. Its all about the software. You can have the greatest hardware ever created, but if you don't have the software to go with it no one cares.

Gr813108d ago

What its always been about?

Death24943108d ago

aside, Sony always wins when it comes down to software.