6 Secrets to a successful videogame

GB writes: "Games have certainly changed in recent years. Ask any average Joe(sephine) who knows anything about gaming, and they will probably tell you that graphics are the things that have changed most. But for those of you who look beneath the shiny pixels will notice that several precious features have been stripped away from the games of today.

Developers used to know how to please an audience, but in recent years, they’ve definitely lost some of their edge. Get on the case dev’s, here’s what you need to fix! Some of these points might make you think, ‘Yeah yeah, we already know all that’, but tell me- how many games in recent memory have managed to satisfy all of our wants?"

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Valay3107d ago

Less DLC - Something I definitely agree with.

halocursed3107d ago

I appreciate the way valve handles things...I'd like other companies to follow their example of handling new & old IPs because "almost" everything that comes out of valve is pure gold

gameseveryday3107d ago

Valve are the best in what they do. To be honest, one of the few gaming companies that actually care about video games.

e-p-ayeaH3107d ago

if graphics are above the standard like crysis 2 that can be treated as some kind of a secret.

ravinash3107d ago

Some time too much focus goes to the graphics.
I find that sometimes the most simplest of games are the best, you just need to look at the pixel junk games to see this.

e-p-ayeaH3107d ago

yeah but we are talking about sucefull games not good games if you know what i mean

GUCommander3107d ago

I wish more developers would follow these rules.

iseven3107d ago

the only secret that you need to make a good game is cake.

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