PSN Maintenance: Preparing for Premium?

The Playstation Network will be down for almost all of today [June 9th]. Is Sony preparing for a new Premium Service?

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NYPunk883107d ago

*hands together praying to the gaming gods* Oh-please-oh-please-oh-please make the new PSN full of awesome.

cobraagent3107d ago

will you sacrifice someone to please the gaming gods?


PSN is already good, is just getting better.

Davoh3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

@cobraagent are you offering to be the sacrifice?

If it is for a PSN Premium service I really want it to be worth paying for, pray to the gaming gods for that instead.

FACTUAL evidence3107d ago

I can most likely guarantee that it's nothing more than a psn store change up for E3 though. Remember last years maintenance? There wasn't really ANYTHING shocking after psn came back up. I really hope something is going to be cool when it comes back up, but don't get your hopes up or you'll might upset yourself.

JBit923107d ago

As much as I love PS3, they have some catching up to do in terms of online play

Godmars2903107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

And that's exactly what this might be about.

Though its going to be fun having people complain about paying for PSN premium, not getting then for free, while comparing both to a pay-only service.

There's rumor that they'll be offering full games and demos, and people are already complaining.

Claudinho693107d ago

i guarantee if you gotta pay, then it will be cheaper than live or have more stuff

-Alpha3107d ago

The thing is, since online stays free, their content has to be really special and they have to offer a LOT. Sony needs to take the first step and invest in Premium. They can't expect to have a simple Premium service and expect to add the better parts "down the line" because then people aren't going to buy the service.

I hope it's cheaper, $60 or under with great features, Cross game chat, ease of use, accessibility, and a new face-lift to make things feel easier and more connected will be nice. Sony has to make PSN more central towards the PlayStation Experience

UltimateIdiot9113107d ago

Honestly, I don't mind if they add a premium as long as what we have now remains a free option. Right now, I can not justify paying to pay online at all but doesn't mean I don't want to play online. Maybe in the future if what premium has to offer is good, I'll get it.

fedex6823107d ago

I have a feeling this is coming our way. I want to play the older ratchet games on my PS3 :-(


Agree with everything you have said. If this update is indeed for a PSN premium service, I hope we get what we are paying for straightaway.

Godmars2903107d ago

I'm taking as a surer bet that there's going to be at least one streaming option. A GoogleTv add-on is going to be at E3, but there's going to a streaming channel as well. Probably two-tier for free and Premium.

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shoddy3107d ago

I would not pay just to chat.
This make me wonder what the hell you guy want beside playing multiplayer?
Chating to your boyfriend?

nunley333106d ago

look at the wii online play lol. a PSN like service would be a thousand times better than what they're doing now. Very looking forward to the PSN+ reveal @E3.

silkrevolver3107d ago’s pre-E3 maintenance... if it’s not PSN+ (or whatever) then it’s at least a firmware that will be revealed at E3.

ArcFatalix3107d ago

great time to be a ps3 owner, AAA titles ftw. psn premium yay

joystick5553107d ago

i reckon so, people see paying as a bad thing but pumping more money into the service will help maintain it and give better stuff

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