Bacon and Doughnuts with Uber Entertainment: A Monday Night Combat Interview

Ex: You can learn a lot about a game developer by asking them questions completely unrelated to their product. For example, we know that Uber Entertainment, the Kirkland WA based team behind Monday Night Combat, has an obsession with bacon-topped doughnuts. They also love the A-Team.

We wanted to know more about the humorous, genre-busting 'Team Sport Shooter' Monday Night Combat, and more about the delicious bacon they often allude to, so we sat down with Art Director Chandana Ekanayake (Eka) for an enlightening chat.

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Queasy3107d ago

Everything is better with bacon. Doughnuts, not so much.

killyourfm3107d ago

That's why Uber gets their doughnuts topped with fresh bacon bits, apparently :-)

shadowdancer3107d ago

Huh, this game hasn't been on my radar at all..after reading that interview I think it should be.

reluctant_gamer3107d ago there a release date?

MxShade3107d ago

I'm more of a PC gamer, but games like this make me want to get a 360 more each day. Great interview; now I'll always think of these guys as hanging around, shooting people while munching bacon donuts while jazzing the A-team theme overhead.