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Chazmers2962d ago

good line up but yeah dissapointed for no versus :(

zootang2962d ago

They will save it for Sony land.

Coffin872962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

OK, it's kinda sad, but come on, the list is still pretty damn awesome.
FFIV, Kingdom Hearts, Deus Ex 3, Kane & Lynch 2, Lara Croft, Dungeon Siege 3...
Man, 'Squaresoft' has really become quite a big and influential publisher (not that they weren't before).

AntBoogy902962d ago

Did you just say Final Fantasy 4? Lol

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badz1492961d ago

THAT is disappointing! minus the games from Eidos, (admit it, Batman AA and JC2 are awesome!), I would have no interest at all on SE except for KH!

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nickjkl2962d ago

head to the got dam keyboard why are they not showing games i want to see at this e3

Crystallis2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Yeh, a shame no Versus. But Noruma said no versus info at E3..I bet he'll have some info for TGS though.

But Im really excited to see some FFXIV info.

JD_Shadow2962d ago

I think this halfway confirms, though, that Versus isn't going to be announced as a multiplatform title at E3. Though anything is still possible, I think this kind of kills the Versus 360 port rumor.

mastiffchild2961d ago

Why? Maybe, and I'm not one who thinks devs shouls say something is exclusive and then change their minds as with FF13 because it causes gamers, their fans, to buy systems unnecessarily and that's just BS, imo, but how does this rule out MS showing Versus ion their slot as a multi or even KH3 as an exclusive? SE wouldn't want to queer their patch with MS if that was the case as MS would want the shock factor.

If that was the case, though, you'd have to wonder just why Sony hang onto their shareholding at SE when they never seem to catch a break from Wada. Anyway, my reading of it was totally the opposite of yours.Taking ?Versus multi, however, should have been done when FF13 was, imo, as then they'd have avoided what is now an inevitable rerun of the moaning that went on the first time! they should have got it over in one shot and not tagged their fans who bought a PS3 for FF13 and Versus on another two years for versus only to go the same way. i think the whole timed exclusive BS this gen has gotten out of hand but when companies state "only on.." as if it's a REAL exclusive only to change their minds after one version is released or late in development it's just cheap and a poor way to treat your customers.

No one minds a multiplat, no one minds an exclusive but when companies move the goalposts after announcing something one way or the other people, rightly imo, get upset esp if they acted on the original announcement.

JD_Shadow2961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

Well, like I said, room is still there for something to happen. But I think it'll be a lot harder to sell to people that having Versus become multiplatform would be a good thing for the game, SE, or Microsoft than it was with the MS "pick-offs" that we've seen in the past (it's been done before, it does nothing to help MS sell consoles, just shows us how weak MS's first party standings are, and the game would suffer and be delayed even more. Why would even 360 fanboys want something like that unless they are really desperate for bragging rights?). If it happens, you're going to see a lot of people groaning at the move for so many legit reasons, as you said, but as I'M saying, I wouldn't be blaming them. SE has yet to give the PS3 any exclusives yet while giving all the other systems this gen numerous exclusive titles. I would mind if FF Versus 13 would become a multiplat because of what that could mean for the game as a whole and what would have to be done to the game (from what we know now about it) to make it fit on three DVD9 discs (the supposed limit of discs, as I've been seeing) and still make the game equal across all platforms (because you know neither SE nor Microsoft would allow one version to be more than marginally better than the other).

I do think, though, this could be confirmation that there might not be anything major of Versus this time at E3 unless we're going to see another flip-flop from SE (that I know we're seeing too much of when it comes to them making promises to Sony fans).

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Cold 20002962d ago Versus...wonder why *big cough*

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sinncross2962d ago

It got pop up at Sony's E3 conference (or MS's if you think it will go multiplatform).
I fully expect to see Agent at sony's conference and Rockstar aren't even going to E3 (well i hope the game is there lol)

CryWolf2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Hold the hell up where is Final Fantasy XIII versus at I like the fact that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be their, I had high hopes to see FFXIII versus at E3 this year Square Enix how could you disappoint us again.

joemayo762962d ago

the inclusion of the 3rd Birthday makes up for that, gone too long w/o some parasite eve info

Longsama2962d ago

wat i wanna know is wat happened to Kingdom Hearts 3 is it at least in some sort of production

NateNater2962d ago

Versus is really the only FF title that I'm interested in right now. To hear that it won't be brought up at E3 is a major disappointment.

Eddy2232962d ago

D: i was hoping to see it on the list =[

WildArmed2961d ago

Wow. I guess i wont be watching SE's conference.
That list is just full of fail w/o ff13v and KH

vhero2961d ago

They said they wouldn't show versus if they couldn't get a demo done in time. They changed the map system at last minute didn't they? So they said that might affect there ability to get an E3 demo.

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Djorgo2962d ago

Nice. Cool seing all publisher's lists going live in prep for E3.

Dorjan2962d ago


Crystal chronicles again?

Bandreus2962d ago

Nope, it is different in style. More similar to older Final Fantasies, but with more streamlined gameplay and mechanics. It is a very nice and cool game indeed

Bandreus2962d ago

Cool games. Especially waiting for The 4 Warriors of Light localization, I love that one

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