Gaming Union E3 2010 Preview: Square Enix

Square Enix is a company with a history entrenched in the world of RPGs. Between franchises like Final Fantasy and Star Ocean, it's hard to associate them with anything else, but Square Enix has been keeping themselves busy publishing some pretty fun and (considering my preconceived notion of them) different games. So what will fans be able to expect from the infamous Square Enix? Quite a bit actually, and all of it looks pretty darn good.

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jammers3111d ago

Come on sweet surprise announcement! FF VII remake? Even though if they did that, they would be torn apart for denying it for so long.

JDouglasGU3111d ago

looks like Square should have a pretty strong show.

ShapelyChops3111d ago

I know nobody else will ever agree with me, but COME ON FF8 REMAKE!

The Slash3108d ago

I totally agree. FFVIII REMAKE!! Viva la revolution!!

mephman3111d ago

Disappointing that there are hardly any Final Fantasy titles.