Loose Lips Sink E3 Surprises

Gaming Target writes:

"During WWII, U.S. citizens were told "Loose Lips Sink Ships." In the latest Console War, loose lips are sinking any chance the industry had of making some surprising E3 reveals."

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SwiderMan3111d ago

More Sony bashing? I say it's good to leak GAME information, but not things like hardware prices. A game leak gets you hyped about it. Rumors about Natal's $150 price tag WITHOUT the fancy MTV presentation (not to mentioning knowing nothing about its games) just leaves us with one negative news item: "Wow that's double what I was expecting to pay for it." Am I right?

telekineticmantis3111d ago

i don't think that was bashing.

alphakennybody3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

huh?! I was sure those ps3 games were officially announced by sony themselves( except for R3) and not leaked. Plus we all already knew those games were coming anyway. Even if you would call them leaks we hardly know the full contents the games has to offer.

Brawler3111d ago

Ya I'am pretty sure as well song announced all of those to get the hype train rolling before E3

BX813111d ago

The truth is even if gamers know what is going to be at E3 it'll still be big! We want to see if for our self. I just hope there will some mind blowing visuals. I'm really interested to see what KZ3 looks like and what will MS bring other than Natal. I think MS will need to bring more than just Natal. BTW I know E3 is coming up but does anyone know exactly when?

stonecold13111d ago

for microsoft and tuesday for sony

BX813111d ago

Holy crap thanks! I thought it was still a week or two out. Have a bub!