Why I´m bored with Bioware

GameZone's Dave Snell writes,

"Bioware have made some of the best games of the last decade, so why am I fed up of playing them?"

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dangert122933d ago

bioware have some of the most open gameplay mechanics if your bored play another game

Simon_Brezhnev2933d ago

Mass Effect 2 wasnt really that open world imo. The only open part that was open was when you go do your teammate lil problem mission to get their trust. I dislike Dragon's Age more after playing Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 had so much quality over Dragon's Age. He does make some valid points though Bioware do copy and paste a lot and just change the title. Funny thing is a lot of 360 owners first rpg is Mass Effect and dont know nothing about Bioware previous games. I really want to see Bioware do a villian type game instead of always saving the world/universe.

rezznik2933d ago

As much as I enjoyed Mass Effect 2, I'm still calling it how I see's linear >>....

despair2932d ago

it is pretty linear but non the less a great game...why does linear mean bad ?

Megaton2932d ago

Yeah, I really like Mass Effect 2, but it is extremely linear. You have the choice to pick which linear segment you wanna play first, but that doesn't change the shoestring maps.

jjohan352932d ago

I got so tired of Dragon Age's endless dialogue after dialogue. I felt like the majority of the game was simply choosing conversation lines. If that was the case, I'd rather go into a chatroom and talk to real people.

raztad2932d ago

All the contrary most of the best game I've played have been very linear/focused.

It doesnt mean I dont enjoy a good open sandbox, but some of the so called open world games are just time wasters, filled with boring crap. I cant stand them for long.

earbus2932d ago

Alot xbox owners have been fans since jade empire and kotor .

wxer2932d ago

i enjoy ALL of bioware games FOR FREE on my PC with max sitting
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Double Toasted2932d ago

Why only a loser would care. Just that, they're a loser.

Caspel2933d ago

I would agree that BioWare does tend to use typical formats for each game, but I still do favor their storytelling when compared to their competition in the industry.

MGRogue20172932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

There is only so much of Mass Effect 2 that you can take before it's just completely dull &.. not fun, really

DelbertGrady2932d ago

I take it you haven't played it?

MGRogue20172932d ago

I have played & completed it, my friend. :)

DarkBlade46582932d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb and agree with you here. ME 1 and 2 were amazing games, and truly a blast to play through, but honestly I can't find myself going on scanning planets, etc.

ArcFatalix2932d ago

cry more

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The story is too old to be commented.