UK Game Developement Industry suffers skills shortage

E4G: Train2Game has revealed some interesting research on how the UK game development industry lacks skill.

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dkblackhawk503107d ago

That is just harsh to jump out and say that...

matrix2243107d ago

MediaMolecule is a great company.

Optical_Matrix3107d ago

Media Molecule? Lionhead Studios? Rockstar North? Wtf is this shit. Don't approve this POS article

dangert123107d ago

rare, and ruffian games 2

dkblackhawk503107d ago

It is not an article, its from a survey.

matrix2243107d ago

lol, it is clearly not an article. It is a survey, quit jumping to conclusions :P

Optical_Matrix3106d ago

Yes I saw it, but wtf is up with the flamebait title?

Meryl3106d ago

flaimbait alert another "lame" article and wesytern devs>>jap devs right now

RedPawn3106d ago

Nobody said they didn't have skills when Europe was such a huge force behind MTV's so-called music playing days.

Burn in your own trousers.

I'm not even from there but have MAD RESPECT for all areas.

dizzleK3106d ago

new employees may not have the skills, but that doesn't mean uk developers aren't skilled. this headline is misleading.

RedPawn3106d ago

That's one thing about this Gen that's been great, is that devs and comps have been heavily examining each others secrets/engines to break through the proverbial plaque of stagnated ideas.

I will now call it the Amalgenated Phase, because the shift in quality has turned upside down, and for great reasons.

We shouldn't sight what just are favorite developers are doing, we should look at it as a whole so we can acknowledge growth.

Ludakriss3106d ago

I take it you're from the GREAT BRITAIN? lol

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