PSN is Now Officially Under-Maintenence

PSBeyond writes: The PSN is now officially down and out for the next 12 hours as Sony prepare a massive upgrade in the infrastructure of the system; it's unclear however what they're actually doing...

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Nitrowolf23050d ago

Every E3 Sony has Maintenence and every E3 People expect a FW update right after the show

12Hours this is there longest one yet and once again i am going to fall for it lol

Sony please don't disapoint us in the next upcoming FWU

D4RkNIKON3050d ago

Maybe they will unveil their premium service and have it available instantly.

Nitrowolf23050d ago

that would be amazing cause i am going to hate it if we have to wait till November for the service, idk i am Sure Sony been working on this for a long time now
If the price is right and the service is right i will pay

I hope they decide to give a free trial offer

Hideo_Kojima3050d ago

NO they won't have it available in the next 12 hours...

What ever they are updating will be kept under the hood until E3 and as soon as the show ends they will unlock it.

Trust me nothing is changing on PS3 before E3 2010.

Cevapi883050d ago

if they do you think that a video showcasing all the new features that are now available should be shown once you power on your console?? i think that would be cool, im just going off of your idea of a premium service...

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Joule3050d ago

I really hope they don't disappoint, the past updates have been eh.

n4gno3050d ago

Ridiculous, you can't do a revolution each time you put a new firmware online.

since the beginning, the regular (! not one or two, by years, like bad compagny) firmware updates have been just perfect for gamers desires, and even more (vidzone, upscale hi-quality, etc).

Christopher3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

They may not do a FW update each E3, but they do add new functionality around each E3. Last year it was the movie service, IIRC. Before that was a FW update with new features. Before that was Home. And so on.

@El Jugador: Each update contains code goodness that is used by specific games. Multiplayer elements for RDR, for example. Secure access login code for SOE MMO games is another example.

vhero3050d ago

Probably getting it ready for something they will announce at E3. Or clearing out the old demos etc.. as those servers will build up a lot of crap over the years. We probably won't find out wither when they open again we will either have to wait till E3 or a Sony rep to tell us its nothing.

Crazyglues3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

So true, and we fall for it every time and I'm about to fall for it again - I guess I just can't help my self..

Let's keep our fingers cross and hope that this time they don't disappoint...


mantisimo3050d ago

Right off to play some uncharted 2 online .............................. .........WWWWAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHH HHHHHHH WTF no PSN I cant play Drake till tomorrow, what am I going to do
* thinks thinks thinks* I don't know what to do aaaaaaAAAaaaAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH HHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sits in a corner red eyed and rocking*

mantisimo3050d ago

I got 4 bubbles oh yeah oh yeah. How did that happen? lots of people have now got more bubbles weeeeeeee.

Still can't play online, bummer.

wages of sin3050d ago

They do something meaningful. They are constantly having. It's cool that it's free but it feels tacked on.

I for one, would like a more integrated feel and better integration with the playstation website (like XBL and

BakedGoods3050d ago

Yeah, hopefully the FW isn't for bug fixes. New features please!

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knight6263050d ago

yes after all this news that ps3 us going under maintenece its official wow lame article anyways they getting ready for new updated from what it seems cant wait for E3 sony is going to blow our minds out

nikkisixx23050d ago

I just love firmware updates, more stuff to fiddle around with.

BubZ-SkullY3050d ago

or maybe less which some people have felt, lol, anyway sony can not fail with this one. after releasing so many games, especially those top exclusive sellers, they need something epic for e3.

SephireX3050d ago

Or less stuff. Cough Other OS Cough. J/K

This can only be a good thing. More servers = better online play.

Crystallis3050d ago

Dang, no online gaming tonight..ah well, bring us the good stuff Sony!

Qui-Gon Jim3050d ago

Luckily, I've been playing Demon's Souls offline anyway to keep up my Pure Black World Tendencies for farming.

NecrumSlavery3050d ago

Same here. Been taking a break from the online. Working some Bioshock 2, GOW3, FFXIII, Heavy Rain, R&C:CIT...

Any firmware makes me excited.
Hoping for in-XMB Netflix, US Vidzone, and anything to doll up the Trophies, HOME, etc.

I loved the dynamic themes. Such a great idea.

iliimaster3050d ago

man i love my ps3 250GBslim and my PS3 80GB fatty !!

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