10 of the greatest power-ups of gaming past

Ahh, the power-up. Whether it's getting a weapon booster in space or chomping down on growth-inducing fungi, games throw out power-ups like hard candy at a parade. And we love 'em. The Tanooki Suit, the Active Camo, the Super Sonic. Sign us up.

It's a strange and magical gaming device, isn't it? Run over a mushroom with a go-kart and suddenly you've crammed the engine with nitrous. It's nonsensical when described in such a fashion, but gamers the world over know exactly what it's like to scour entire levels in order to pick up a temporary speed boost.

The power-ups that we've chosen for today's Top 10 aren't in any order. We went to our gaming memories and picked out those that we remember fondly.

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MattG-PTB3111d ago

Love that Plok! It's great to see an obscure game make the cut.

gumgum993111d ago

I'm surprised the Crash bandicoot power ups didn't make it in.

stewie328873111d ago

For me it will always be the good ol' classic mushroom. Nothing like imbibing halucinogens to make yourself stronger.

RogueCheddar3111d ago

OH man, hammer suit would have been so much better than that god-forsaken spring.. good list, fellas

BannedForNineYears3111d ago

"The Nano Rifle - Red Faction: Guerrilla"

That gun freaking sucked....
It took about 50 shots to kill a person.

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The story is too old to be commented.