PS3 to get Games-On-Demand portal?

Is Sony about to go one better than Microsoft by offering all PS3 titles digitally on day one?

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Godmars2903108d ago

They're just too large for DL.

Nitrowolf23108d ago

yeah i don't expect to see allot of first party Retail games unless of course they are dumb down

Nitrowolf23108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

at the disagree's

really? good luck DL games like Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Little Big Planet (and this been confirmed to large for a download by the devs along time ago) God of war 3, MGS4
all these i belive are +30GB

That what i mean by not seeing many first parties ps3 games they are just 2 large to DL and not many people have the bandwidth

And what i mean by dumb down is some of the data being ripped off the game to make it a smaller size or they could just compress the game allot (which will dumb it down in graphics)

MGS4 is going to need to be compressed allot

knight6263108d ago

thats true imagine someone wants to buy MGS4 thats going to take them weeks to download might not be ps3 games but mayb ps2 games

Nitrowolf23108d ago

PS2 game would make sense along with 3rd party PS3 games (because we know 3rd party Multiplat games are allot smaller(Most))

I hope they reveal HD collection at this E3

KingTavy3108d ago

PS2 games seem more likely and wouldnt kill the low bandwith users. Most of the DL's would take up just as much space as the old Capcom PS3 game installs. 5Gbs

Hardbladestone3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

if this is part of the psn premium then it will be worth it

Mr Patriot3108d ago

Amen bro , I will definitely upgrade my PSN ..

Cevapi883108d ago

this would be cool, if all PS3 games are included...this will allow audiences all over the world to enjoy the diverse games that we dont get to see in N.America and way i could see this working is if the game is already loaded through cloud computing/storage...all one would need is a strong internet connection to be able to sync the game to their PS3...idk if this is a possibility...idk much about cloud if someone knows if this is possible, do let me would be much appreciated

lpfisher3108d ago

That might be true, but I think it should be for the user to decide. I don't know that I would download games that often, but it should be an option.

Christopher3108d ago

Possibly for PS2 titles. Don't think it'll happen anytime soon for full BD games.

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Blaze9293108d ago

I doubt that. That's one downside to blu-ray I guess - insanely large game sizes. MGS4 I can't imagine someone downloading. Especially if you live in a country or have an ISP where they give you monthly/yearly/daily caps.

Unless they compress the hell out of those games.

El_Colombiano3108d ago

I can not believe you just said MASS storage is a DOWNSIDE to Bluray!!! That storage is the reason why Bluray is sooooooo much better than DVD. I don't see them selling every PS3 game day one as download. PS2 I pray but not PS3.

Joni-Ice3108d ago

Come E3. I want to be left dazed.

jaredhart3108d ago

Sony has been on a bit of a roll the past year.

Anti-Fanboyer3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Makes more sense. PS3 game would take away my HDD space.

Not that I'm saying it will actually happen.

keysy4203108d ago

thsi whole time we the consumer have been like when are we going to get this sony when are we going to get that but it seems sony has had somethings in its plans for awhile 3d being one of them and motion control being another one. but the thing tha tthey have also been doing is have impecable timing and doing a wait an see approach ten coming out with something better.

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