Interning with MTV Games

Kombo: For any gamer or games journalist, there's no higher privilege to fulfilling your college internship requirements than with a premiere video game publisher. For me, that fantasy came true one cold morning last December, through a confirmation email.

"Congratulations, Tony."

I'd been chosen to intern for my entire spring semester with MTV Games, publisher of the ever popular Rock Band franchise. I'd interviewed twice over the course of a week's time; once with an MTV Human Resources person, then with my potential supervisor. I felt confident in both interviews, as my previous knowledge of the games industry set me apart from other potential candidates. Providing links to articles, as well as a small marketing background, sealed the deal to what would be a grueling, yet once in a lifetime experience in the months ahead.

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sgw_dec0y3114d ago

Decent article. I wish we could get more articles like this on N4G.

MattG-PTB3114d ago

Agreed! This is the kind of unique stuff that you can't get everywhere else.

bgrundman3114d ago

Man, I wish I was the guy who got that gig...

ednorris3114d ago

Awesome perspective on the inner-workings of the industry. THE LITTLE PEOPLE MAKE THE GEARS TURN!

stewie328873114d ago

Interesting stuff. Wish I had had such an opportunity in college.