Ubisoft widens access to Ghost Recon beta

TVGB: "Ubisoft is offering another way into Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s upcoming multiplayer beta."

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bradlinho2989d ago

awsum. really, REALLY, WEALLY looking forward to this. imma get on the beta.

chak_2988d ago

and 10$ pass not including DLC

hooray UBI

LumpsRGood2989d ago

So... either they really need testing or the sales figures didn't reach their expectations. Hmm...

Blaze9292989d ago

Great! Now I can sell Conviction. I knew they were gonna pull this crap.

WildArmed2988d ago

But Conviction is a great game! (or so i hear!)
I wanna pick it up, but stupid RDR got in the way.

Btw, is the SP and co-op as fun as it looks?
(i dont expect much from competitive)

KimoNoir2988d ago

more funner than it looks, even playing by yourself.

xDaRkModEx2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

@skv007 Get conviction if you do NOT want to play stealthy. sp and co op is fun if u prefer shooting people in the face with unlimited pistol bullets.

BattleAxe2988d ago

Has anyone here been in the beta? If so how is it so far, and is it a TPS or FPS?

King Hippo2988d ago

I'll stick with the superior Socom 4.