How to survive Fallout New Vegas hardcore mode

In anticipation of the tribulations presented by Fallout New Vegas' hardcore mode, here’s our pre-emptive strategy to completing what we’ll dub the “Dicing with the desert” achievement.

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BubbleSystemSuck2958d ago

Love this game... i got Platinum on Fallout 3

Christopher2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Love the first game, but there are too many games out there for me to play to spend as much time as it required of me to get platinum on Fallout 3. Heck, I still have to finish some of the DLC quests...

Likely to be the same with Fallout NV. Regardless, I do love how they're doing a good job of making the hardcore mode something a bit different than just harder opponents.

Eiffel2958d ago

I remember I bought all five DLC packs when they released, clocked +200 hours into one game save, had nearly every item in the game and had around 1300+ on my gamer score with missing only three to five achievements.

Oddly enough I wish to buy GOTY Edition for my PS3 now..

RAZORLAND2958d ago

to throw my controller in frustration at this mode. /no sarcasm.

I got every achievement in Fallout 3; wouldnt mind going for a platinum.

2958d ago
BYE2958d ago

This mode sounds awesome, I'll definitely playing it this way on my first playthrough to make things more exciting.

Fallout 3 was great but I get the feeling what Obsidian is cooking is gonna surpass Fallout 3 by a milestone. Too bad we have to wait till October.

spunnups2958d ago

I'm still not sold on Obsidian. Going to wait on some serious gameplay videos and previews.

dktxx22958d ago

Just so you know. Obsidian are basically the developers of the original fallout. Just a name change. So if anyone knows how to make a fallout game, i imagine it'd be them.

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